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  1. It takes much longer on public transport which is not really convenient between those two place.
  2. I always think the 2nd week of January is good, just after New Year. Then, the crowds for new year have moved on and it is usually quieter as well as great snow.
  3. E Ink looks really amazing though. Not sure I'd want this on my skis or board though!
  4. One of my friend was dating young teacher when she was 16. It was big secret of course. He was 23 I think. They separate a few years later.
  5. I live and work just outside Yamanote line near Shinjuku. My parents come from Nagoya and now live in Shizuoka.
  6. Great reports, Mike Pow. I have not yet been to Hokkaido for ski and really want to try it. I heard many good things.
  7. I had 11 days last season. I was planning more for spring but then the earthquake happen. Shiga Kogen - 3 Sugadaira - 2 Myoko - 3 Marunuma - 2 Hunter Mountain - 1
  8. Zao is a great place. I have been 3 times now and it is one of my favorite skijo. I love the onsen there also and food.
  9. Ski and snowboard. I started with ski and a few years ago tried snowboard first time. Now I usually decide each day on feeling and why my friends do.
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