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  1. Thats a pretty good film, like you say, such a shame that the place is so messed up.
  2. Sounds good seemore, keen to share some turns with any of the good folk here on SJ.
  3. I have a pair of Dakine mitts that have wrist guards built in, haven't used them on the snow yet but feel pretty comfy.
  4. Rusutsu 10th - 19th January Kiroro 20th-25 January
  5. Leave the wife behind and take the dog instead?
  6. surfarthur

    Motorcycle license in Japan

    We really could do with a gambarimasu emoji. Good luck with your test.
  7. surfarthur

    Important news of the day thread

  8. haha I'm just kidding really, I love my burton gear.
  9. surfarthur


    Perhaps it takes many years for the corpse to re-animate, or perhaps they can't get out of the thick plastic bags.
  10. surfarthur

    Eruption in Nagano/Gifu!

    This is from the Whakapapa Skifield in the North Island of New Zealand - while much of the information is specific to this skifield, some of it will be relevant if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself skiing or snowboarding on a volcano when it erupts.
  11. surfarthur

    New Iraq war!

    I thought it was Iraq War: Ghost Protocol.
  12. surfarthur

    Eruption in Nagano/Gifu!

    Stay on the ridges, keep out of the valleys.
  13. surfarthur

    Card Games

    quite like a game of 500, but a long time since i have played.
  14. When did a fact ever get in the way of snowdude making a fool of himself?
  15. Although, i am sure you will now spout some crackpot nonsense about how an iphone is not a smartphone, because some other crackpot told you that.
  16. Snowdude, saying that an iPhone is not a smartphone is like saying a hoover is not a vacuum cleaner. and iPhone is a model of smartphone produced by Apple, running software called ios. just like a Sony experia z is a model of smartphone produced by Sony running software called android. if that isn't clear to you, then here is some reference material for you. http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Smartphone
  17. Bought NHL 15 a few days ago, solid game so far, sure would be interesting to put it side by side with the NHL 95 version that I played extensively on PS2.
  18. surfarthur

    Trying to lose weight SUCKS

    Speaking of absent people, where has Thursday been?


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