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  1. A newborn baby girl has died after being snatched from her family's living room by a monkey. The four-day-old infant has been left alone for just a few minutes when she disappeared. Her body was found shortly later outside the home in central Negri Sembilan state, Malaysia's Star and the New Straits Times newspaper reported. The baby, who was found by her mother and grandmother, had bite marks on her neck and face. Her father was quoted as saying a macaque monkey had been seen roaming near the house in recent weeks. The baby's grandmother said that she was in the
  2. Got given a bit box of luxury Belgian chocolates last weekend. They are all gone now, very nice.
  3. Can't believe they are that cheap now. Might take a look myself.
  4. Was it pie-eater who posted some photos from up there last summer? Interesting. Looked very wild and desolate.
  5. Got 10 days in one go to play with and haven't decided where to plump for yet.
  6. First skied in 1992. Tried to ski at least for a few days every season since then.
  7. I really like the look of this place but there doesn't seem to be much nearby it out on it's own. That correct?
  8. I'm looking to spend a while in one place this next winter. Not quite as long as I'd like, perhaps 10 days but still planning to mainly be in the one place. Can't wait.
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