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  1. Originally Posted By: Go Native Snow starting to settle right down into Hakuba town on the cams. i just jizzed when i read that.
  2. The skiing is great, its warmish weather. somedays it can be icy and some other days it can be soft. i've never been to japan yet but i will find out in 10 days but the temperates are alot colder in japan than in NZ
  3. Originally Posted By: seemore We live on commision only. And you need to pay your own super. Altough we don't earn as much as that women in charge of Westpac $10,500,000 per annum. Do not feel sorry for us as we make the PM'S wage look pretty average. you realise Kev is on about $350k. and tbh im not sure if that would even be taxed, i would hope so :S
  4. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy best night skiing Ive ever had - Niseko, Japan creek boy, that has got to be one of the best clips ive ever seen, i think thats my new fav cheers mate for making my nite
  5. I believe using swimming goggles would tend to fog up alot. You can buy some decent goggles that go over your glasses pretty cheap and by cheap I mean 80 aus. When I get home I will find some good ones for you
  6. Who said im panicing, im just enquiring and of course its not going 2 change anything, but I just like to be update on things, every afternoon I check the cams, this doesnt mean shit all now because im not even there but I like to see how things are going. If you have a problem with that well then ignore me and my posts because im not here to listen to people criticise me on my ways. So I would appreciate if you stick to the topic or dont post. Thankyou.
  7. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads You have been rather persistant with your posts about the weather, Korbzy. why wouldnt i, after spending over 3000 aus on a trip
  8. Originally Posted By: best skier in hakuba Yes I am. It is snowing high up but it is heavy rain in Hakuba. Don't believe me if you don't want. And perhaps you should just calm down a little with your constant daily panic posts. I do vote, a few times a day when I can. Did you only read a line of what I said? I wasnt doubting you at all,i think you need to calm down
  9. Originally Posted By: gareth_oau hehe, it got a dusting at Thredbo this morning, i think Hakuba needs to take note and pull their socks up!! wow! The funny thing is its summer over here lol. Temps mustve dropped alot then
  10. Originally Posted By: best skier in hakuba It's raining in Hakuba. its snowing on the slopes, are you currently in Hakuba? If you vote for us its a good system if used correctly!
  11. Some people are so stupid. Ok whats with this, when its a nice clear day some idiot spams blizzards.but when its snowing(check webcams) snow has come down and they dont vote anything, Hakuba 47 had no snow at all yesterday now look at it! Either they were trying to use reverse psychology or just dumb
  12. Originally Posted By: MitchPee Originally Posted By: Go Native Being able to live and work in the Niseko area is basically my dream come true! Just need to get my permanent residency now so that I don't actually have to be sponsored by a company to continue living here. This is my ultimate goal...how do I be like you? I agree! Once I finish my trade in fitting, im going to be applying for jobs as a lift fitter only 1 more year! Yew
  13. Has anyone had ski lessons with evergreen? Im a semi advanced skier that wants to learn more freestyle,park and hit the slopes harder, I can ski advanced runs but I dont hit them as hard as intermediate. I was thinking of a 1 day private lesson. Has anyone had and good or bad experiance with this company or is there any other companies out there. Cheers! P.s sorry for dodgy sentences or if they dont make sense, im on my mobile
  14. Originally Posted By: Jynxx If I get sponsored to jump out of an airplane every day or fly in a tunnel, or snowboard in the northern&southern hem all year, would I call that hard work ? I would call it heaven, just a dream come over true.
  15. Originally Posted By: stemik no blizzards here yet in Hakuba, but do hope it comes soon....kids need to get out! On another note, there are a few international tourists walking round with not much to do... One option is to go snowshoeing. You can go up the gondola and spend time and have lunch on the mountain tops. alot of tourist there ?? damn thats terrible
  16. http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/hakuba-now.php is it blizzarding hard in hakuba ?? or is it the same idiot spamming from yesterday
  17. I'm not much of a casual drinker so no drinking for me! I only drink to get smashed, i know its sad but once i start i can't stop, I drink too fast. I once got a free ski pass for a day because my mate had too much of a hangover
  18. Originally Posted By: AlexMcD Come on snow... only 3 weeks till i am there... i dont want to waste my money! im going on the 27th of dec, and im not worrying too much, next week is meant to snow pretty good. edited the date
  19. im not offended but if i was told australians need to grow some balls, i would be. but i agree with OP, why are the snow resorts failing! maybe time to go to canada next year
  20. no need for the innapropiate thread title :S anyways, whoever is **** spamming blizzards for hakuba, stop it... on the webcams its a nice clear day
  21. i bought a Panasonic Lumix FT1, HD movies, image stabiliser and takes amazing photos. cost $380 aus but ill see how it goes in the snow in a few weeks time
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