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  1. 4 choices for me because I’m greedy! In chronological order, I’ll start with my first day of the season, a later-than-normal 19th Feb arrival in Furano which coincided with a powder day. The feeling of being back on a board for the first time in over 10 months combined with decent snowfall at a resort that I know well, really got the stoke-o-meter firing on all cylinders! 2nd up was my first ever, long-awaited trip to Myoko on 7th March. Another great powder day with no crowds and epic trees runs. Third but by no means least was the holy grail visit with onehunga to the Big G on 9th March –
  2. Someone definitely needs to go to take some photos and write a review for the rest of us!!
  3. Makes sense. Nice photos Muika! Is that second one to the right of that top pair lift?
  4. I now have Windows 7 on mine - thanks onehunga!!
  5. Great report! Sounds like you had a good day, and even better for being so late in the season!
  6. Those main quads are always busy, though no surprise really being directly opposite the gondola station and restaurants. Tbh, unless you live locally or you get a cheap shink deal from Tokyo, Gala wouldn't be at the top of my list of Paradise Alley resorts to visit unless the Southern Area's open after a decent/recent dump.
  7. On the day I went there were no lines for the pair, though I guess it would get busier at the weekend. In any case, thanks for the info Muika!
  8. +1 on the love for those photos Mike! Am also intrigued to see what's become of those '72 downhill runs, so hope you can make it out there. ganbare!!
  9. The NHK weather forecast is predicting lots of snow on the sea of Japan (or whatever it's now called in Virginia) coast and upwards to Hokkaido, and you know that they're never wrong! Not that I would know because I wouldn't watch a tv that I should be but am not paying a licence fee for! On the subject of news, you haven't been playing with gas cannisters up in Sapporo have you TB?
  10. Bet it's even warmer back in Aus!! Do you miss us?? 1,600Yen for a hotel room is cheap as chips KD!! How basic is basic??
  11. Sometimes I'm proud to be British. This is not one of those times!!
  12. Me too!! How did you get on seemore?
  13. Was backpacking my way through Central America. Needless to say I left the next morning!!
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