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late one night i found a wobbygong (i guess about 2' long - maybe a bit more ;\) ) in the shallows near a place called Green in WA. i called my mate over and he grabbed it by the tail to fling it onto the beach. the shark then bit him but he still managed to get it to the shore. he then told me to stop it getting back in the water as he ran to the car, blood streaming out his arm, to get his gerber knife.


later we stopped the bleeding, cleaned up the wound which was kinda deep but only about 8cm long, and applied some steri strips. the guy at the petrol station (who i guess was the closest thing to a doctor in the town) happily informed us that the wobbygong is in fact the only shark that can bend around far enough to bite someone holding its tail.


so there u go, vital facts to help u live a healthier and safer life.

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Hey Touqe, here`s yar english lesson for tha day.


IF i had a party, and IF i invited you (cuppla pretty big IF`s there by tha way), and i knew you weren`t gonna come, but you swear black and blue that you would. i`d say somethin like, "You wouldn`t `lob` at Wimbeldon."


get it?


got it?


goooooood. clap.gif

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I sup[pose you will all claim now that a 3m croc is a water gekko?


Girl rescued from croc

A man who rescued an 11-year-old girl from the jaws of a 3m-long cocodile by jumping on its back and gouging the reptile's eyes is being hailed as a hero.

Hannah Thompson had been swimming with other children from the back of a boat at Margaret Bay near the top of Cape York Peninsula when the crocodile grabbed her by the arm.

The boat's skipper Roy Turner heard screams and launched himself off the boat and onto the crocodile, beating the animal until it let go of the girl.

"I was pitching myself off the boat and I could see the black shadow in the water. "He came out when I was already launched and I landed right on him," Mr Turner said.

"I landed fair on its back and I got a finger in its left eye, I missed the right eye, but he got a fright and he let go," said the 57-year-old, who hunted crocs in Papua New Guinea more than 30 years ago.

He estimated the croc to be about 3.3m long.

Mr Turner said Hannah was incredibly brave and appeared to have held her own with the croc while it had her arm.

"She made a joke about losing her watch, she said the alarm was set for five o'clock if you want to go after that crocodile."

Hannah suffered deep puncture wounds in her lower arm and was airlifted to Thursday Island Hospital where she was later reported in a stable condition.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) crocodile management unit leader Mark Read said wildlife officers would travel to the bay today to try to find and shoot the crocodile which had continued to circle the boat after the incident.


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Ozzies men ..............driving to the hospital while attached to sharks, .........diving onto rivers and wrestling with crocodiles, ..........getting pissed and obnoctious (???) while drinking beer at the cricket and footy, ........is there nothing these men can't do........??????? ;\)

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