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  1. Heather, have a look at this site (http://www.regionfreedvd.net) and see if the model you are looking for is there. You may be able to crack it and then play region free dvds. This site (or one like it) enabled me to crack my dvd player - I don't know if it has portable players listed - good luck.
  2. Quote: The parks have been set up as protected sanctuaries from the vagaries of modern living, and users should slip in and out unnoticed. Are you sure that's the setup in Japan miteyak ? It's certainly not the case around here. Massive electrical towers blight the view, as does logging roads (which I believe crosses the national parks land). Actually, it is against the law to ride a snowmobile or motorbike ON the national park land. However, being as one rides a snowmobile on the snow and NOT on the land, there is not a lot that the authorities can do about it......... "They're bo
  3. ahhhhhh, national holiday - that explains why none of the shops in town were open today....
  4. sorry to hear about your story TP - glad to hear you are coping with it. I've had quite few friends go to jail here, and none of them have kind words to say about the place. To those you think the hemp control laws are heavy here, have a look at the law regarding pot in the good ol' US of A.....there are some REALLY crazy laws. I'm reading a book at the moment, 'reefer madness' by eric schlosser (he also wrote fast food nation), he goes through a few cases that deal with people being given life terms for introducing a buyer to a seller, first offenders being given 8 yrs, another guy give
  5. ha ha ha.....bin ladin for PM ? Can he be president too
  6. ahhhhhh YP, now isn't that sweet..... Peace, love & that warm gooey feeling inside to EVERYONE.......
  7. Goemon, you just have an animal photo for every occassion.......I'm looking forward to the duck or fluffy rabbit photos that should come at the end of this thread......
  8. Nice one Ocean, good luck with getting 'local', it's a good idea. But, with ideas like this, also comes exceptions, and in my book, wine would be the perfect example Sure, a lot of the imported wine can also taste like acrid old underpants, but, at least some of the imported wine is fantastic. I understand where you are coming from though. I might even adopt your policies when I return home, particulaly considering the Hunter Valley (Aust) could offically be called 'local' for me then.... P.S. What's umeshu ? ? ? ? I ate my first loaf of homemade/self made bre
  9. I heard Karuizawa was opeing on the 1st Nov. Could be wrong though. I can say for sure that it won't be a lot of powder It is always funny to see the race amongst the prince 'resorts' as to who will open first. Apparently, it cost hundreds of thousands of dallars to run the snow making machines so that these places can open early.
  10. my best excuse used to be I was hungover from drinking too much, and not enough sleep. At which point I would ask if I could go home - sometimes yes, sometimes no. If no, I would go find a spare bed, blanket, and sleep till lunch time. Good job, why did I leave again...
  11. "stripper, French organic wine not seen. I wouldn't be buying imported wine anyway anymore." Pray tell ocean, you don't drink Japanese wine do you ? ? ? ? ?
  12. yeah, but ocean, cocopops taste good, 'just like a crunchy milkshake'.....ha ha ha Good points though.......
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