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News years sucked. i wasnt disapointed about the bar being closed but i wasnt going to stay and move tables and chairs into the streets.


there are plenty of places to stay in hakuba, do some research. there is an association of hotels but what its called and or their phone number i do not know.


attitude sucks. I dont care if im the best i just want to get out there and share the mountains with my buddies. one of my flawspeople too much but i just get so ampped when im sking well.


barok i will disagree with one point and it has nothing to do with where to stay. I dont think jumping is anymore techincal then true BC riding. Is there shit your pants crap inbounds around hakuba no. I know a lot of skiers or riders or cant do dick in the park but they could charge by almost anyone. likewise i know some people who can do park stuff that will blow your mind but ask them to take on a little bit of pow and they'll look like a rookie. Powder is but on element of freeriding. wind/light sun crust, heavy snow, crud and ice are just as much if not part of the whole freeriding scene. guys like steve jones push lines that are well unthinkable.


Really if it turns your crank then do it. ill always be the guy who likes to mix it up a bit. i want my pow and my air but id rather have the pow any day of the week.

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i agree with you, and would even admit that the steep steeps are more technical and demanding than the park stuff.




for the 99% of skiers and riders who ride at resorts, who never get to experience the steep steeps of places like Alaska, the resorts offer much more challenging terrain in the way of park riding than they do in terms of steeps. The average resort's steeps are simply nowhere near as challenging or as dangerous as it's park.


Add powder to that equation, and park is waay more challenging and dangerous.


Finally, sure if you took a rider or skier who only rode park, and did so well, to the powdery steeps of yer average resort, sure they wouldn't be able to do it that well, but give them a week, and they would have it down. You couldn't say the same for bringing the average rider or skier who only rode steeps into the park.


I too have the most respect for all-around riders/skiers.

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I should have made my point better.


one thing about Japan tree riding is that its pow 90% of the time.


What Im really talking about is riding at an exposed place like baker and or any exposed place. A tiny bit of wind or rain and the whole game changes.


When I used to bum there were days i was up top and sking wind crust and my buddies said "what are you doing". Iw wanted to be able to ski anything at any time. i love light wind crust its so (bouncy spelling?).


Now maybe with a snowboard riding pow is easy to learn. I will admit that the new skis have helped to make sking easier but it will take more than a week to find your balance in powder. If that same skier uses fat skis then maybe they will be fine but on the groomed they wont be able to turn those huge fat skis.

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erm, wasnt this thread about aus/nz? :p


check it out - HUGE dump yesterday, bloody amazing for spring!


wish i could be there, but work is stopping me mad.gif ....at least the more i work, the more i can save for my japan trip \:D & at least you don have to endure nasty blizzards to get freshies over there... cool.gif


gotta laugh at how much the resorts love to hype it up over here lol.gif - "powdermonium" - hehe!




CHAMPAGNE POWDER....60cm of fresh snow on the mountain last 24 hours and

20cm in the village!

It's powdermonium in Thredbo with 60cm of fresh snow falling in the last

24 hours and it's still coming down with 20cm here in the village!

Stacks of fresh tracks and plenty of groomed, so there is something for

everyone today. And with the temps well below zero the snow is light and



Powder, powder, powder!! The cover is in great shape from top to bottom

with 60cm of fresh snow at the top, and 20cm here in the village. It's

light, dry and powder perfect snow! There's heaps of deep powder off

piste and a variety of groomed trails to carve up.


Excellent snow riding for all standards from top to bottom. The powder

hounds will love The Bluff, Cannonball, Bushranger and the Bowl for some

sweet off piste action. The more advanced should head to the Crackenback

Supertrail and Central Spur for some big carving turns down the fresh

corduroy. Intermediates will have a ball on Ballroom and the beginners

will love the fresh and forgiving Friday Flat.


The Terrain Parks are expected to open today with the advanced park

featuring an 8m flat bar, a rainbow rail and the boardercross course.

The intermediate park is located between Ballroom and Valley View and

has 2 flat bars for practicing all your moves.


good thread on ski.com.au about it too >>




& i LOVE this pic of the carpark! >>


** just noticed that the pic is changing on the thredbo site so it aint a carpark anymore - so i'm liking it to a copy of the carpark pic cos its so cool.gif **




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Not 100% sure on that one barok. I had a 5 week straight stint where i boarded everyday and i think that aggrevated it. I was fine when i was down there but when i got home it started aching at the front of my foot where it meets the ankle/leg. I could walk on it but it was still a bit on the sore side. Then it got a bit better and there was a nice fall of snow so i headed down. Got down there and did a couple of runs and my ankle was just killing me. Absolutley killing me. I did about 10 more runs on it because it was just a picture perfect day and i got to a point where i just couldn't go on anymore so i just headed home.


I still haven't gotten it checked out. It is feeling a bit better than it was a month or so ago, but every now and again it gets really bad and painful. I spoke to a nurse on a charlift when i was down there last and she thought that i may have fractured it, but i don't think its that serious.


I'm going to go to my osteopath and then see what he says about it and what action, if any, needs to be taken.


Meanwhile I'm trying not to look at how good the spring snow is, cause I'm friggin' busting to hit the snow again.

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heya sbf,


I know this might sound painfully obvious, but check yer stance - what are yer angles ? It you want to take some pressure off your ankle, ride with an exaggerated duck stance, I don't know why but it works for me. You will lose some torque, but that's really the whole point. When you exert/accept (RXN - equal opposite RXN) so much force with your back leg, the ankle (pivot point) does extra work, especially on those heel edge turns. If you duck it, the extra torque is exerted/absorbed by yer knees, which is the joint that should be doing the work. This stance might strain your knees a little at first, so take it easy, but I can drop cliffs with it no problem - well, a little less spring power, but there yah go


So yeah, you lose a little power, and a little control, but the comfort more than makes up for it for me - I ride 20/-15 which is way ducked the f#%k out, but it hasn't blown out my knees yet so I am sticking with it.

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I ride with a slightly ducked stance. I remember riding Ender's rig at Niseko and it killed me. After half a run I was in total agony, forcing me to stop several times. It turned out that his stance was zero degrees on teh front and close to zero on the back. This is not a dig at his stance/gear, just agreeing with B-rock that for some people the stance angle can cause real pain.


However, this reminds me, and it must be said. After ender rode my board:


db: Ender, what say you of the flow bindings

Ender: they ride and feel the same as my strap bindings, no different"

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Thanks for the input there barok. I did try playing around with my stances when i was down there at the start of the season. It helped a little with the pressure on my ankle. But my knees played up. Like you mentioned. I've got bad knees as is and going duck hurt them more than i cared for. I would like to give the duck stance another bash though as i rode quite duck, but not as duck as you barok!


I think next time i will put my back foot at -3 or so and see how i go with that. Try and find a happy medium.


I probably shouldn't have taken up boarding cause of my bad knees, but bugger it! It's just too much fun!


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i wouldnt be suprised if you did fracture it snowboard_freak, maybe from just wear and tear. i had a hairline fracture in a bone in my knee from jumping around playing basketball and it was painful, but it never struck me that it would be fractured.

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Originally posted by Fattwins:
Now maybe with a snowboard riding pow is easy to learn. I will admit that the new skis have helped to make sking easier but it will take more than a week to find your balance in powder. If that same skier uses fat skis then maybe they will be fine but on the groomed they wont be able to turn those huge fat skis.
Heartly agreed there mate. You have have a top notch skier but if theyve never been in pow they will struggle. I reckon a good week to get confident and even then I feel like it is completely different to groomers and hard stuff.

completely off topic

And I agree with what db said waaaaaaaaaaay ealier about kiwis/ozzies overseas being ****ers. WTF is with that/ It really makes me cringe sometimes when you realise what kind of image they put out there of our countries. ouch. \:\(

And my 5c on snowbeds. A good option if youve got a big posse as they have a 10 person room and then you dont really have to bother with the attitude. I thought Mitch was a bit of a **** and his lady was great but thats about it. But I could def see why it would piss other people, esp guys off. Personally I thought Josh was an equal ****. But if Im paying 3000/night and rarking it up with my mates then I dont really care. But I wouldnt want to stay more than a couple of nights I dont think. If there was an alternative cheap option Id be into it (hint hint Snapper wave.gif )
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If you ever swing by this way again zwellie there are a lot of cheap places in hakuba. If you can read japanese my buddy knows all the discount sites. He can usally stay in hakub a 3000 a night that includes 2 meals.


I call him my deal hunter. bought tons of shit with him off the net. 2 pair of skis and bindings 55000. kayaking stuff. If its a deal he will find it.

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the aussie season is still alive!


apparently it was truly awesome in the high country last weekend - uncrowded, sunny & a nice layer of fresh, dry snow on top of the huge base.... sounds like heaven! Here's some pics from

www.ski.com.au >>








This long weekend is the official end of the season, but some resorts

are staying open for another 2 weeks, so its still worth getting up

there for a spring slide if you can, & Thredbo are doing 2 days for $55

a day, same as their early-season price - bargain!


The BOM & the Weather Co. are tipping more snow today/tomorrow >>





& the Frog is even saying that there is a fair chance of a decent dump

on the 10th/11th - will this season ever end? >>



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NZ seems set for a late season. Canterbury fields are doing especially well Mt Hutt just had a 60cm top up while Broken River was buried by a 1m dump. My Dad said it is pretty cold still. I wish I was there.

As for the other topic this thread seems to have mutated into ie Snowbeds and Mitch...hmmmm I don't things are as bad as some people are making them out to be. Mitch may not be the perfect host all of the time and he can be pretty abrupt, but he's hardly the demon some of you guys make him out to be.

I totally disagree that Hakuba would be better off without the place. In fact I think that it's very existence has made it feasible for a lot of people to enjoy Hakuba in the first place (myself included). The character assassination is a little over the top if you ask me. If I had such a big problem with someone, I think I'd want to let them know face to face.

Anyway "nice one" for the kiwi season-here's hoping Japan has a good one this year as well.

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yeah, I heard NZ was rockin now - weird how the season keeps getting later over there!


It seems the frog & co were bit optimistic about the aussie forecast - looks like just a whole lotta rain now, so its the beginning of the end... \:\(


time to start thinking a bit more about the northern season \:D clap.gif

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