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Originally posted by Bushpig:
Yep, and the Aussie team can be made up of past and present cricket players. \:D
I think you are onto something there BP. Instead of snow they can use colombian marching powder and crates of beer as sleds. Then have Boon, Warne from Aus vs Botham and Fat Freddie. New Ashes??
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And the women bowed out.


It was good fun while it lasted. \:\)


Maybe the sudden fake interest by the media in curling over the last couple of days, can help the team get some hard deserved sponsorship/promotion/cash etc.


Probably just not exciting/glamorous/trendy enough for the corp. image.

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IMHO curling is most definitely a sport for 2 main reasons:

1. It has a clear cut winner (i.e. no judges impressions)

2: It is not accompanied by music. mad.gif


To me anything done to music is a performance not a sport. Also it seems anything done to music requires the judges to make gut call.


Oh well, back to watching the short program \:o

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