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The letter was handed out in march around the first week.


I am not tring to prove anything.


But I have taking a beating from stating what was in the letter.


Have you closed part of the hotel is your revenue per skier visit up or down.


What we read in the letter in march did not sound good.


Let it be known I like Arai's sking but its like paying to go to Hokkaido and Hokkaido is bigger.

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Hi Fattwins


Thank you very much for answering my questions.


I'll start by saying that my Japanese is less than perfect, so please understand that the translation of the letter you are requesting is rough at best. Here goes:




Dear guests of ARAI


Thank you very much for coming to our resort.


Like many other businesses in the latter part of this year, we have had to adjust our operations due the the economic impact resulting from the tragic terrorism which occurred in New York on Septemeber 11th.


Our intention at this time is for our guests to still be able to come and enjoy the resort, and we'd like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience the following changes in business hours this season cause you, our guest.


We'd also like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on some scheduled changes in our operations.


[Adjustment of operating hours]


1. Night/Sunrise Skiing operations suspended this season.


2. ARAI Legends Ski Race cancelled this season.


3. Forest Side House restaurant open on Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays only.


4. Gaby's Bar will not open this season.


5. Zendana Food Garden will not open this season.


6. The Club Hotel will close for the season following the Golden Week vacation.


7. Manna Esthetics Spa will open in February of 2002.


8. The name, "The Mountain Spa & The Pool" will change to "AQUA PARK Pool & Yu" as of Decemebr 15, 2001.


November, 2001







Fattwins, I trust that the above translation you requested is sufficient at this time.


Thank you very much



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Hi Rajeem


Yes, from Kansai to ARAI takes a bit of time.


You do have the option of travelling up the Sea of Japan route via the Hokuriku Expressway or inland via Nagano.


Exerting that extra bit of effort to get here though pays off in my opinion, as in the process you leave the crowds behind.


Thank you



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Interesting thread.....I am hearing you Fattwins.


The Japanese are very diligent and proficient at organizing many amenities and services in life, Trains for example are brilliant in Japan. But nobody is perfect. There are things the Japanese are not so good at. Two things come to mind and they are running Gyms and Ski resorts.

I am often left shaking my head that how things can be so disparate in this country, how some things are incredibly efficient (eg trains) and others are just simply poorly organised in contrast.

I cant quite fathom why this is so, but nevertheless it is so.

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I am going up there this weekend to check it out.


Let's face it the fact that this Blair guy and the resort actually make the effort on here is a big plus sign don't you think? I really like their attitude

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Hi everybody


Thanks for helping to keep the thread going.


To get to your points:


Ken Barlow - The accountant has said that sales are slightly up this year compared to the previous two;


grungy-gonads - I apologize for going quiet. I'm sometimes pushed into a reactive mode and appreciate a nudge every now & again to come back and check out a thread; &


SKI - The next installment is now in the final stages of editing and should be out soon.


It seems like most of Japan is getting some great powder lately, eh?

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The guy I did the last in-depth interview with has now moved on to America of all places(maybe he really wants to ski out of bounds? - some insider humor there); However, I'm planning to do interviews with some of our international staff for the next volume of the setting journals.


Thanks for reading



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