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  1. PEople who drink all day every day have a serious problem, of course.
  2. I used to wear a necklace. That Mike Baldwin is a scoundrel.
  3. We have a very similar fellow in our building. He works so hard, for so little. I like him.
  4. The solution is simple - Lock your door.
  5. I can't imagine more than 1 hour commute. I'd sacrifice chunks of salary in order to keep it down.
  6. Don't like F1 there? I enjoyed all 3 of the races, but it is yet to be seen if Ferrari are really off the boil or not. I reckon they'll be back (although I admittedly thought that before last weekend). Is it true Barricello actually stopped because he RUN OUT OF FUEL!?!?!?
  7. Now that the midweek prices have gone back up, Blair, how are the guest numbers compared to last year when it was cheaper? Can you tell us that? Thanks
  8. Seeing as though I'm not all that technical myself, comfort is #1 consideration
  9. Got to disagree with you too bobby12. I often go with Japanese friends and lunchtime is lunchtime, they don't consider going early or late even thought they know it's going to be busy. So that's what my experience tells me.
  10. How about if you tried to climb up to the projection box. Because you wanted to.
  11. In you were in a cinema and you got thrown out for doing talking loud or being noisy, would you think it the same if it was not laid out clearly and explicitly at the entrance that you cannot do that?
  12. Looks very sinister. Not unlike Curly.
  13. Did you drive one of them big machines Blair? Looks like fun. Off for a pint down the Rovers now.
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