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Minamiuonuma > Naeba > Minakami > Najanojo (25th October 2014)

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Thanks. Actually no, the 16 photos in that section were all taken in a very small area.


Park the car, walk 10m to the entrance, over the bridge, walk up to the temple area where all the bamboo is. The other hut place is about 40m down the road.

There's no charge and there was absolutely no-one else there during the 20-30 minutes we were there.


There's more to Takuminosato - this temple is a bit apart from the main bit - it's a 'craft village', and I think actually part of Minakami. Just off Route 17 heading towards Naeba, before Sarugakyo. Worth a visit I reckon. Nice looking little area, some interesting little inaka craft shops lining the pretty roads. And remember to stop at Tasuke manju about 4-5km further down towards Numata for some snacks.

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