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First snow on the mountains snow watch autumn 2014

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Hiked Teine today and got incredible views all the way up to Asahidake and the rest of Daisetsuzan. Also could see the summit of Yotei.   Daisetsuzan range with the city in the foreground   Clos

This is Ashibetsu-dake, just to the south west of Furano. Taken this afternoon  

Beautiful day here today, so beautiful views of the mountains after the snowfall earlier in the week         Classic Japan, power lines in the way!

Sukayu in Aomori seems to have gotten the most snow with 28cm.

Not bad for October!

A lot of areas in Hokkaido got a nice coating too.

It will probably all melt this coming weekend as it warms up, but some very early season snow is always good well that is as long as it doesnt snow here for another couple of weeks or so otherwise I will have a lot of buggered vegies.

Looks like the frost has ruined some of my cabages.

It was white here this morning too, still is where it is shaded from the sun,

But not from snow, from frost!

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Yes the power lines are excellent and in fact their presence should be celebrated !!!


They remind us of mans dominion over nature by virtue of our innate and unsurpassed ability to generate electricity ........ :confused:

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Definitely neither steep enough nor gnarly enough for it to be Granview!


Tubby has got it, genius! It's Kamoi-dake, in Utashinai/Takikawa area.


That's Sunagawa coal power station in the foreground. A really beautiful addition to the rural Hokkaido skyline.

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