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Plenty of flat roofs in Kutchan. It's generally so you can build closer to your boundary. If you have a roof that sheds the snow you need room for it to shed and not encroach on your neighbours land (

Though its news is not new, you do get some good stuff in the Japan Times. I hope it can keep going in years to come.   Since most Japanese old houses sell at deep discounts to when they were new, i

By the common understanding, I don't think 2 by 4 is a "frame" house. 2 by 4 are used as studs that are sandwiched by plywood which acts as bracing to make structural, i.e, load bearing walls. Remove

Although it probably doesnt hang around much I always thought Niigata city got regular albiet less than the mountains.

Obviously not thought from what you have said.

Didnt they get really heavy snow a couple of years ago though I remember seeing it on the news?



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