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The time is ripe to bag those chutes you like to ski in Japan. With more high mountain passes opening up every weekend you can get out there and get some pretty good lines.


Great weather let me ski off the top of Karamatsu into a nice chute just lookers left off the peak.


Looking at the entrance



Karamatsu and Kairazu chutes so many choices.



The beast that is Tsurugi dake



My run down with a dog leg lookers right



A sweaty camera and a happoshu loving life


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Sorry I don't know that board, I just met those guys at the false peak. I was pushing to get to the line because the weather was so warm.


The beer was an issue. I got to Lawsons, bought lunch and wanted a beer for when I was going to load the mama chari for the ride home. I was considering my water problems and the heat at the time. So I decided it was better to buy more water and a cheap happoshu beer. I suffered but when I got home I had a Kirin gold in the bath!

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All you need is a kei truck and bike and your back country travels are set. I would love to ski some spring couloirs in Europe.


The hike looks long but the lifts cut off a lot of distance.


This weekends plan is a bit harder, with fresh snow or rain and no re-freeze.

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