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How much you dropped in prep for the season

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There was a bit of boiler plate here in Niseko this morning - was a stretcher job as a result off to the side of the Super Course.


But there was plenty of nice riding to be found as well. Just had to be selective.

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Got home last night to a smiling Mr Snowhunter who was surrounded by boxes and wrapping. I thought Christmas had been and gone but apparently NOT for Mr Snowhunter who was sitting there with


A New Jacket - New Helmet AND a NEW HELMET CAM!!!


Mitch Pee I am blaming you for the last one!!


He reckons he got it so he can share Mizuno No Sawa with everyone!! Any excuse!! lol

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  • SnowJapan Admin

Just give us a shout if you need help.


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Oh and by the time you have some, there will (SHOULD) be a few changes to take advantage of smile
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