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  1. Originally Posted By: Mamabear BoC, I think the picture is a little deceptive...as I have never found the Family course particularly narrow - it is certainly not a W.I.D.E course, but it is plenty wide enough. I HATE narrow with a passion - the skinny steep cat tracks all over the place in Switzerland really ticked me off, especially at peak hour. Even at Peak Hour I have found that stretch generous enough. I think most of the way down you would be able to stand 4 to 6 boarders side by side on their heel edge without too much of a problem. From my very spatially spastic recollection..
  2. I am not sure about the building regulation in Japan, they should have raised the structure 1 floor higher so that the basement level is in-line with the slope. This will truly be a ski in & out apartment. Also I would like to mention, the sulphur steam from our private onsen at the balcony has really eaten away the steel fixture at the external wall. If they keep the onsen running all year long, I would really want to find where the fixing bill will go to.
  3. I've stayed in both Alpen Ridge & The Vale before. In terms of location, both place are great. Personally I'd prefer the Alpen Ridge because of the locker room & basement entrance is level out to the Ace Family Lift. On the other hand, the Vale bar is on the level with the slope but the locker room entrance is a couple of stairs down below by the outdoor swimming pool. After a long day of snowboard & ski and with a very slippery floor maybe an accident is waiting to happen (falling off the stairs). This is only my personal opinion.
  4. Yup, I have the pics of the rooms. I will upload them later tonight when I'm home.
  5. Hey, this is the first time I've post the pic(s) in this forum. Please enjoy.!!
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