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Not my idea of breaky drink either - but I suppose it does provide the caffiene hit we need. I go for good black coffee - usually a long black, occasionally a short.


Followed up with Green Tea until lunchtime for more caffiene - then caffiene free for the rest of the day (peppermint tea/chamomile tea).


It is really making a difference to the quality of my sleep.

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Originally Posted By: thursday
Ham steak
2 sunny eggs
lemon diet coke

red stalked spinnach sounds good. But not for brekkie.

i quite like coke, but i couldnt face one in the morning. coffee for me!
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Two sunny eggs and bacon this morning (no toast).

Two long black coffee's (needed a heartstarter).


This is the last time I cook my own breakfast until tuesday, will be interesting to see what I can find on my travels for breakfast.

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Originally Posted By: muikabochi
Ms muika went to an enkai last night and brought me back some amazing fried potatoes. Big thick things with skins on them, and a very strong garlic taste. Brilliant. Just finished them off cold now for breakfast.

Is that like Wedges?

Or Crispy Potato Skins?

or something very different?
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Back to Thredbo to ride the last of the season Muika.


Papa and I got a season pass this year and always intended to get a couples getaway in there somewhere - we've just left it a bit late in the season.

Spring conditions, but all the groomed runs are open - icy mornings, slushy by lunchtime - but any snow is good snow - and the more turns I can get in before Niseko in December the better as it is all practice smile


Also a bonus that Papa and I are having a weekend away without the kids thumbsup

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