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Last Sat and Sun I was working the Intl Masters Track and Field Meet here in Kansai. At first, I was bummed just cuz I really wanted to sleep in last weekend, and working track meets means I have to wake up at an ungodly hour, at least for me anyways, somewhere around 5:30am. However, after seeing all the "old" athletes warming up, stretching, and talking, I was in awe.


Especially this one man from Kyoto. He is 98 years old, and he competed in the 60meters, 200 meters, shot put, 400 (I think..), and another few events. Not to sound rude, but the fact that the man is walking without a cane, and is that healthy, but also actually competing still, absolutely blew me away. I was awestruck at what he is still doing - and his smile, man he lit up the stadium.


I prolly wont live to be that long, and Im sure I wont be that genki at that age, but it sure gives you something to live for. He sure is living life to the fullest, and I am extremely happy I got to talk with him for a few minutes. What a legend!!


Another notable man - a late 50s-early 60ish year old man ran the mile in 5:05


That 98 year old man is my new idol worship worship worship

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Id be happy to just still be breathing by 98.

My Great Gran lived to be 98, but she was telling us she was over it and ready to go for at least 5 years prior.


To be physically fit and 98 - heck...he deserves to be seen as an idol!

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Originally Posted By: zdlfskdladealijfsxdfk
What a champ. Great to hear things like that.
What time did he get for his 200m?!

top of my head I dont remember, but it was just under a minute maybe like 50secsish

Originally Posted By: scouser
That is impressive. Had he been doing that all his life CB?

he said he has always been active and started more once he quit work cuz he was bored.
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