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Early on 29th March I set out to Shiga Kogen. It's about 2 and a half hours from here in my region of Niigata. Early on it was actually quite cloudy but things soon turned for the better as I approached Shiga Kogen.


Shiga Kogen is a big place, and I had decided to ski in the Yokoteyama and Kumanoyu area because the scenery up there is good and my camera would be happy.


Anyway, here's some photos from Yokoteyama. Check out the Zao-like "Snow Monsters"!


From the top













No, this isn't Zao!



Mt Asama





A tree. (I like trees).



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Nice photo.

I spent a few weeks in Shiga Kogen in February, the snow was generally really good even if maybe not as much as usual. Actually I am glad it was not as cold as maybe usual - it was still very cold!

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a very belated response to the post, i know, but decided to comment anyways..

sweet pics!


reminded me that i was actually up at shiga kogen a day earlier on the 28th over at yakebitaiyama & terokaya, ichinose.. wish i could rewind back to that day and enjoy it all over again.

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