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For breakfast this morning....

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Just kidding mate. lol


Maccas Hexham is the same as maccas anywhere..SHIT..and hexham is about as uninspiring a place as you'll get anywhere. In fact it's located around a swamp and the only thing that it's 'world famous' for is it's massive mosquitos.


Check out the Hexham bowling club mascot. lol




Is that you Koko?


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Originally Posted By: Mantas
Hexham McDonalds is the only maccas in the world where you need to book a table in advance. I'm surprised that Koko goes regularly. He must have a VIP pass or know someone.

I actually beleived you! doh
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>Wow there's a Hexham near Newcastle Australia?


Does it have a Norman Abbey?<



The Brits have a damm hide, going around copying our place names. veryangry


Gateshead wallsend, whickam, jesmond, killingworth and dudley also.


WTF this has to do with squid for breakfast I don't know.



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Just had a nice healthy midnight snack of rice/curry (you know the UK green kind) with a big nice greasy spring roll. Yummy. And very nutritious. Best thing to do now is go to bed to let all that goodness soak in.

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I looked at

- natto
- a small bowl of tiny white boiled fish
- some kind of seaweed mix
- some rather scary looking dark purple tofu stuff
- pieces of octopus
- an umeboshi
- another small dish with something unidentified in it

Anyone here like that lot for brekkie? Must be a case of "been in Japan wayyy too long when you get to that stage"!
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