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 Originally Posted By: Creek Boy

why dont you get a PT job and earn a little money? Do some stripping over the internet - could prolly earn a good amount of money for that.

Ace idea thumbsup.gif and don't worry if you're a bit porkie. we have all sorts here.
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well, it seems that if SJers put their mind to it, the sky is the limit.

a quick summary of our suggestions so far:


- alcohol

- gambling (well, day trading is pretty close to it)

- stripping/internet pornography


this is eerily similar to what i get up to when i'm bored


bored housewife - if you don't/can't work part-time, what about some volunteer work at a local organisation, or even taking some sort of classes (they could be arts/crafts, cooking, IT, language etc. there's lots of useful things to learn)

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 Originally Posted By: Indo
well when the kids are at kindy.. bored housewife..

Spook, my housewife never bored!

yeah that's right Indo, she's got laundry, ironing, washing up, cleaning, shopping and cooking to do.
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 Originally Posted By: spook
i rub vaseline on my nipples and think about fattwins
lol.gif good one spook but you sounded a bit spooky if i only read your post here lol.

if i got bored at home...
hmm.. this is quite fun to think about grin.gif
no rubbing vaseline on my nipples and think about fattwins.
but yes baking - blueberry muffins or maybe lemon tarts.
downloading tunes - Sigur Rós which is how i feel like for now.
quilting - hawaiian or if it's american then using kimono fabric and make it "wa (和)".
knitting - haven't tried it yet so don't know maybe simple thing, a hat?

still bored then
i would probably put on my audio technica headphone and start
shadowing bbc world 15 mins and cnn another 15 mins, thinking what to do next.
and still nothing good to do then call sakamo and let her make me laugh.

you like to read then you might be good at writing bored_housewife.
writing short stories about people's quirks sounds like fun to me.
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 Originally Posted By: Creek Boy
Maybe buy a kiddy pool and do some mud/jello wrestling. 'course we need pics.

Bored Housewife, if you've been a housewife for a considerable time and your birthday suit needs some good ironing, feel free to send picks to CB direct.
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