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I skiied for a long time, but after a few years off (yes, university in a flat place sucks!) I decided to try something new and now I love boarding smile.gif gap.gif







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This seems to be the other big main thread on here.


I was new to the snow last season, and took up snowboarding. We went out about 6 times and I just about managed to progress. Hope to get much better this coming season.



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Hi ebony. I don't believe I've ever seen a black person on skis or a board anywhere.


As for a game plan, I suggest you try to borrow some kit till you decide you like it (snowboarding I presume?) - and start saving your money up now in case you do take to it. (Some people try and find that they don't like snow after all -- bizarre).


If you can borrow some kit from somebody, ask them to give you a few pointers as well - a little bit of attention at the beginning from someone who knows is a great help.


Good luck.

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