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Hey snow riders...


I'm kind of new to this board, but plan

on hanging out for a while....so i was



How many boarders on this board?

How many skiers on this board?



i'll start off...

I am a skier...100%



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well...i got here at the end of the

season (april...), so i've only been

to yuzawa (don't even remember wich

mountains i skied....) and Zaos for

some summer turns, but that will change

come next month!!


I plan on making it to hokkaido and multiple

trips in honshu (I live in ibaraki, so i'm

not sure where the best spots for me are yet....)

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Boarding for me. Havent looked back since I took it up 5 years ago. What a feeling. Maybe I should go back to skiing to see what that feels like again, but just dont want to give up riding the pow on a board.

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Great to see so many people on the forum even now before the snow comes. Much more than this time last year - looks like there must be quite a lot more people using the site. This season is going to be a blast people!

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Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboarder !


Put on my old ski boots (1993 vintage cheapo) one morning last March, waddled around a bit like Frankenstein, thought "Oh I don't like these" and went boarding.


That said, a fair percentage of the folk left skiing are pretty hardcore, so rrrrrrrrespect to you guys ! A lot of the snowboarding posers could learn from the other side of the rubicon, methinks.

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