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  1. I like Zao. Why? Well, maybe the atmoshpere, the good snow, the snow monsters, the onsen. Thumbs up from me
  2. I am under the impression that ADSL is an unlimited use service - just pay for the connection and you can use it as much as you like.....is that wrong?
  3. As little as possible while at the same time enjoying. Hopefully less than 100000 yen, but don't really want to think about it too hard - it may shock me!
  4. Good snow in Yuzawa as well yesterday. Was at Iwappara on Sunday and GALA yesterday and had a great time.
  5. I'm a goofy gal! Off to Gunma for the weekend - see ya! helen
  6. here's another yuki! Where are you then, Tokyo?
  7. My board got some serious scratches this afternoon at 47. Hit a rock that was cunningly hiding out on me, great big gash on the bottom of it. SJG - can I have the HEAD board?!?!? Please!
  8. This year has been a bit wierd if you ask me. There was ace snow early on in January, but a big lull for about 2 weeks just recently when everything warmed up. Luckily the snow seems to be back with us if the weather reports are to be believed which is really good news - maybe the conditions will be back to winter standard again in time for the coming weekend. Yuzawa is the easiest to get to by train. I think you should be able to find info on that in the travel sections. Places to stay, sorry can't help you out - I am a day tripper for the most part, and when I do stay over it is usually dossin down with friends. Good luck. Don't worry about Ocean-chan - he's just having a bad day!!!! (Hey, Ocean!?) helen
  9. I was wondering the same. Sometimes at work! But I post most on my days off which are usually weekdays too.
  10. I nearly missed out on this topic. All I can say is I look amazing in my boarding gear, even if I say so myself.
  11. why don't you just look in the places to stay section of this site?
  12. Simple. You want it. You are a man and in charge of your bank account. YOU say what can be bought. YOU make the decisions around here. You buy it. Feel proud! Howzat?


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