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  1. Kylie Minogue. Oh hang on, not it's only her body I like.
  2. I thought it was ma-ma at best. Nice effects and pretty mountains tho
  3. Year-round patches of snow. So does that amount get bigger each year?
  4. Decent place if you ask me. One of the best for riding in April/May.
  5. ...better than the ski fashions, is what I meant to say.
  6. Getting this out of the way first - I am a skier, sometime telemarker. Was just wondering,..seen a few comments about ski fashions on this board (first time posting! been reading for 2 years.....) from boarding dudes and was just wondering about the boarding dude fashion and what they all thought about that and why it's so much better than The boarder fashion just seems so scruffy and street - trying too hard. Any thoughts, boarder dudes (who I have absolutely nothing against, by the way!) cheers
  7. About 10cm of snow here today in Yuzawa. Light snow at the moment. Here with me girlfriend and a few other friends for the weekend. Praying conditions aren't too bad this weekend.....gonna try out Kagura, Iwappara and GALA/Ishiuchi/Kogen over 3 days. Have a good one all....signing off.
  8. There must be some really anxious managers out there. Really happy riders though. I acually heard from a Japanese "source" (although this person may be better described as a "sauce") that Hakuba 47 is in severe financial trouble and may be heading for the whatever you call it when they can't continue operating. Sure there must be many resorts in a similar pickle. Or is that sauce?
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