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  1. Not forgetting stuff like Enigma as well...where do they fit in?
  2. Electronic music? What exactly is that? Ambient stuff - like The Orb, etc Stuff like The Chemical Brothers? Harder stuff - like The Prodigy? Techno stuff - like...all them techno people? DJ stuff - like Fat Boy Slim? Pop stuff - like Pet Shop Boys Darker pop stuff - like Depeche Mode? Stuff that can't be categorised - Moby? Difficult to put all them dudes in 1 place. Sure I've missed out loads of other "categories" too........
  3. Some guy on the board seems to be arranging something for the 5th Dec (recent post)......how about that Nat? will
  4. zebedee pretty much summed it up there, not much else to add. Would try northen Tohoku and some of the great places in Aomori and Yamagata too if I were you. Great places.
  5. Shape skis are most definitely "sexy", I agree people should check them out otherwise they are missing out on lots of fun. Oh yeah, "fun skis", I forgot....
  6. Ah, memories of college. That's about all I remember - a game of mexicali and a sloppy senorita named Tara!
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