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  1. Hi, I was a snowboard freak for the past 8 years. But since I started surfing, I got hooded on it so much that I went snowboarding only once this winter! Surfing seems a lot harder than snowboarding but it's very rewarding. It changed my lifestyle. I do a lot more training off the sea than when I used to snowboard. I ride a shortboard. I started with a long, thick shortboard and I recently bought a new one which is shorter and not as thick. I've been surfing for 1.5 years and I know I will do this for many more years to come! I surf in Shonan, Chiba, Izu, Ibaraki, and o
  2. It was definitely not the best condition...but good to find out we could make turns and go fakie, etc. on solid ice with hail hitting our faces. Good start to the new season!
  3. Hi all, I'm adding to the Nat's message above because she realized that she won't be able to use the Internet since she needs to go out tonight. We are going to meet at the Central(chuo) exit in Ueno station. If anyone is interested please come by 7:00am. We will buy the train tickets then. Anyone is welcome! See You tomorrow!! emi @_-
  4. Hi Nat, It doesn't look very good there in Yuzawa. I guess I'll have to be a little more patient and wait a bit longer... But the weather forecast for this week seems good! I still don't know if that will be enough to open this weekend.... emi
  5. Hi Nat, I'm interested in joining you! If they have at least one trail open and I can make several turns, that will be enough for me.. It will be a good idea to get warmed up before the Niseko trip..@_@ emi
  6. I started snowboarding the day after I bought my first pair of skis. I used my skis only once! (good thing they were cheap used ones...)
  7. Hello Nat, I'm also looking for friends to go snowboarding with. How long will you stay in Niseko and what kind of travel package are you planning to use? I'd love to go with you if I can get some days off from work... emi
  8. Hi Belle and all! I'm from Japan but I was in the US for several years and came back last year. So I really don't know anyone to go riding with here yet... I'd love to make snowboard friends. If anyone is going up to the mountains please take me! emi
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