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  1. I knew I shouldn't have posted that!!! It has become horribly hot and humid here since Monday Luckily, I'm heading up to Hokkaido to play in the mountains for a few weeks!! ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  2. It's only just starting to get warm way up here in Iwate! There was one really humid yucky day early this week (pre-typhoon), but it has been much cooler than any Japanese summer I can remember, so far. **looking for something wooden to knock on*** ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  3. That sounds like an awful lot for shaken on a kcar! I got 2 years shaken on my Mira for 90,000 (including fixing the brakes!). My car is now for sale by the way, if anyone's interested. It still has 13 months of shaken left too! Contact me if you're interested (I live in Iwate) ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  4. My all time favourite is Point Break ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  5. Canadian ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  6. Anyone? ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  7. I didn't get a season pass last year as I wanted to try out lots of resorts, but as I kind of fell in love with Hakkoda, I bought a February month pass and travelled about 400km each way every weekend that month!!! This is what I looked like on the drive home: ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  8. hey del-buoy, you live in Towada? if so, I know you ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  9. I skiied for a long time, but after a few years off (yes, university in a flat place sucks!) I decided to try something new and now I love boarding ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  10. Thanks oo! I just figured out how to do em ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  11. I live in a fairly small city (60,000) and I usually only eat out on the weekends or at most, once during the week. I am on a pretty tight budget at the moment though. ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  12. I think it's usually just joking - I'm a recent convert to boarding and some of my best friends are skiiers. We usually go together in a big mixed up happy group. As long as there's enough snow for all, everyone's happy! ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  13. I think a small amount of facial hair (like goatees) can be very very sexy, depending on the face it's adorning. Big huge hairy beards that cover half the face and make it difficult to figure out who it is....not sexy. JMO ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  14. Thanks! ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog
  15. So, how do you do it? did it work? ------------------ Cheers, C.Frog [This message has been edited by C.Frog (edited 04 July 2002).]
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