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  1. OOps, didn't mention that did I. I'm not too far from Utsunomiya. LiquidX - recently 2 planks than just the 1, but both modes of transport are just fine with me.
  2. Do the resorts in japan have secure holders for skis and boards for when you leave them (eg to have lunch etc), or is it so safe here that they're not needed? Cheers
  3. I have been skiing since I was around 10 (getting on for 20 years ago), and took up boarding as well around 4 years ago. So both are just fine with me.
  4. Just landed in Tochigi, and dreaming of winter. Any top hints on the best riding haunts round here, and better still anyone living in Tochgi-ken?
  5. IY've just recently got here to Tochigi, feeling the heat. Do you every get used to that? Roll on winter.
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