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  1. (HAKUBA) Cultural Tours & Experiences Information on Hakuba Sanroku Tours in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/hakuba-sanroku-tours
  2. (HAKUBA) Tours Information on Hakuba Sanroku Tours in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/hakuba-sanroku-tours
  3. (HAKUBA) Ski & Snowboard School Information on Hakuba 47 Ski Academy International in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/hakuba-47-ski-academy-international
  4. Accommodation Information on La Neige Higashikan in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/hakuba/la-neige-higashikan
  5. Accommodation Information on Hotel Taigakukan in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/hakuba/hotel-taigakukan
  6. Accommodation Information on Hotel Hakuba Hifumi in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/hakuba/hotel-hakuba-hifumi
  7. Accommodation Information on Hakuba Tsugaike Espoir-Misawa in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/otari/espoir-misawa
  8. Accommodation Information on Hakuba Royal Suites in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/hakuba/hakuba-royal-suites
  9. Accommodation Information on Hakuba Alps Hotel in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/hakuba/hakuba-alps-hotel
  10. Accommodation Information on Gallery & Lodge NOICHIGO in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/hakuba/gallery-and-lodge-noichigo
  11. Accommodation Information on Country Joe in Otari, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/otari/country-joe
  12. Accommodation Information on Canopy Cortina Lodge in Otari, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/otari/canopy-cortina-lodge
  13. Accommodation Information on Brocken Hutte in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/hakuba/brocken-hutte
  14. Accommodation Information on Azekura Sanso in Hakuba, Nagano can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/nagano/hakuba/lodge-azekura-sanso
  15. Resort Spotlight The Resort Spotlight for the Hakuba Norikura Onsen resort in Otari, Nagano Prefecture can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/hakuba-norikura-onsen
  16. Resort Spotlight The Resort Spotlight for the ABLE Hakuba GORYU resort in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/hakuba-goryu
  17. Hi All, thanks again for your feedback, I've decided on Happo-One Snow Resort so now its just about the hotel, so I'm after hotel close to the lifts with in 5 minute walk, 5 or 10 minute walk to places to eat and close to the ski rentals place, and the odd bar, pub or where the action is, I'm also after a place which has a supermarket for accordable supplies and Post office because I've read getting cash out from your ATM card is very difficult, onsen would be good. also close to the shuttle buses to get to other resorts like 47 and Goryu. Thanks for your advice. also please let me know if t
  18. Happo is a resort that I have held a season pass for a couple of times in the past. The resort itself is a little too bumpy for my taste, but the main selling point for me is the easy access to the backcountry from the top Grat Quad lift. I also used to like the ‘High Cascade Park’ that was a feature for a few seasons on the course far skiers left of the resort, served by the Kitaone 3 Pair lift. Unfortunately, that park no longer exists and has been replaced by something called ‘Happo Banks’ at the same spot. So I was a lucky winner of what I think was the first SJ Giveaway of th
  19. Hey guys, I'll be bring a few of my mates to Hakuba this February and I have a few questions about driving. I've driven in snow conditions before here in Australian but they're nothing like the snow fall you get in japan, will a 2WD mini van with snow tires be enough or will I need chains as well? Also, any suggestions on stops we should make along the way from Tokyo?
  20. Happy New Year to all. Im looking for some advice. I am arriving in Tokyo in a couple of weeks with my wife for our first trip to Japan, We have a day of shopping for ski stuff before we head to Hakuba. I have done all my skiing in Australia but never bought my own skis as we live in QLD, no snow. For the cost of rental for a week I have been told that I can purchase skis in Kanda, Tokyo for approx ,the same price, mainly older models on sale. My budget of approx, 18000yen Mostly sticking to the groomed runs , I consider myself a intermediate+ skier (aust snow) but at 54 I wont
  21. Does anyone know if there are any Xmas eve parties happening in hakuba tonight?
  22. Will be heading to Hakuba Goryu in February 2014 and I am considering my options of travel from and to Narita Airport. I have in the past purchased a 4 day any day JR pass outside of Japan and it made for easy simple travel arrangements but I was committed to travel by train as much as possible to get my moneys worth. This pass is now a 5 day pass and I will only be using it for up to 3 days. This coming tip I have considered staying in Tokyo a couple of nights before hitting the slopes. One option may be to catch trains to Nagano but on the return trip to Narita one option would be to catch a
  23. So which resort in hakuba is best to hold a season pass in? Only here a month but buying a season pass is of sure the cheapest option when i plan on riding basically everyday. I am more in to back country natural hits and drops then park. Cat tracks with hits are fun too. Steeper the better for The most part. Don't mind traversing for good tree runs. But I'm lazy and on vacation so hiking doest seem to be in the cards unless its something really epic of course. Suggestions please.
  24. Tsugaike Kogen in Hakuba, Nagano is open (only the top of the mountain) and conditions are good! If you're not too far away, its worth the trip to brush up your skills for the season!
  25. So I just learned that there was a pretty large 1.5 slab avalanche on the Hiyodori slide path above Tsugaike on Monday, February 11th (yesterday). The slide crossed the higher cat track and went as far as the second one. Does anyone have any more info on this - was it skier triggered? Was anyone hurt or injured?
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