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  1. HI Dimsum8six so your traveling with 7 mates. Are all of you keen on first track? Is that the reason behind hiring a car? I might be able to help with advice that will happen often to crews. What I will tell you will occur. Your group should discuss the subject of being ready to go in the morning so you can grab first lines. Decide on a time to be ready at the car with all your gear that includes cash for the day lifts passes. You will come across moment like they were late making breakfast . THat why I am late !. I had a big night! I have to stop at 7/11 to get cash or a memory card or any th
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. I managed to find a Nissan rent a car with 4WD and snow tires. I'll probably be super slow on around the Hakuba area. If you see 7 Aussie-Asian stuck on the side of the road, give us a wave. It's probably me. Biggen: I'll be around Hakuba between the 8th-14th of Feb?
  3. Need an update! Question, can anyone actually use the phone box when it's past knee height or is physically impossible to get in?
  4. Hey guys, I'll be bring a few of my mates to Hakuba this February and I have a few questions about driving. I've driven in snow conditions before here in Australian but they're nothing like the snow fall you get in japan, will a 2WD mini van with snow tires be enough or will I need chains as well? Also, any suggestions on stops we should make along the way from Tokyo?
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