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  1. Hi Manny, I tried to find second hand ski shops and could find any in Tokyo.I found inforamtion on Tokyo guide that the Japanese sell their used ski equipment at the Tokyo Dome n-not sure when apparantly its very crowded.In Jan 2014 we bought boots in Tokyo Nordica for $220 new and also went back to Nagano when my sons ski boots broke on the first day to Alpen Depot Sports store about 10 min bus ride from Nagano station and bought Head size 31 boots for 19,000 yen around $200 they had a huge range of skis,boots,snowboards at great prices and less crowed than Tokyo-It is similar to a Bun
  2. Hi Manny, It's great that you're thinking of Japan we used to go to Perisher and have now been to Hakuba twice and Nozowa Onsen. If you are a keen photographer Hakuba is great ad there is a lot of different ski resorts to take photos Goryu and Iwatake being my favourite on a sunny day.If your wife is a beginner Goryu is great on the front slopes but you can also go up the Gondola and ski around the top where the scenery is incredible especially when there is fresh snow in the trees.You can catch the gondola down the mountain which I would sometimes do and meet my husband and
  3. Hi Black Mountain, Thanks for the reply .We'll give it a go when we get there.Its going to be 43 Degrees Celsius in Wollongong and Sydney tommorrow!!! Cant wait to get to Hakuba next week.Is there anywhere else that would be good for a day out sightseeing??? Snownellie
  4. Hi There is lots of different standards of accommodation from 2 star to 5 star in Happo and Wandano area.Great for first time visit as there are restaurants and bars.If you are a snowboarder. Goryu has lots of cheaper accommodation and is very friendly. Ecoland also has a variety of lodges,self contained accommodation and bars,restaurants.It doesn't really matter where you stay as there is free shuttles to the different ski resorts.The snow Japan website lists lots of accommodation have a look there to get some ideas. I stayed in Wandano 2 years ago and it was great.This year we are sking fo
  5. Hi , We used Takkybin from Tokyo Airport to send 4 Bags.2 ski bags with 4 sets of skis and 2 large bags with boots and clothes .Only cost about A$90.00.There are about 3 different companies all about the same price .We ended up sending the bags ahead with the company that could get them to our lodge in Wandano Hakuba 2 days later.No problems bags were in foyer of lodge when we got there. Fanatastic service.!!!used frrequently by Japanese and tourist as there is limited space on trains for luggage.Just make sure you have details of address and phone numbers of where you will be staying.
  6. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has gone on a train trip from Kamishiro Stn to Matsumoto by train and caught local bus to Matsumoto ?.I thought it might be an interesting day trip if the legs are a bit sore from the snow!!!.I hate guided tours just wanted to mingle with the locals my Japanese is very basic but I just wondered if it would be difficlut catching local trains. Nellie
  7. Loved the photos.Our family of 4 can't wait to get there we arrive in Hakuba 14 Jan 2013 .Keep posting lots of photos.It's such a magical place!!! Just hope it doesn't get too crowded !!!
  8. 2 pairs of skis ,maybe a snowboard if we can get a good deal and ski boots .Phones in Tokyo .
  9. We are staying in Tokyo 10 -14 Jan before going to Hakuba and wanted to buy all mountain skis in Tokyo .Will there be any sales on then ? Any idea of prices .Also need some ski boots size 12 or japanese size 30 Any hints on the best shops to go to? Snownellie
  10. Hi we are staying in Goryu for 2 weeks mid January 2013.Can any one tell me times of buses from Goryu to Happo are they frequent in the morning ?And will they connect to buses to Iwatake? Cant wait to get there!! Snownellie
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