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  1. Originally Posted By: JA Locally, there is a recycling facility which uses the skills (and enhances them) of some local disabled people to refurbish, reformat (where viable) or trashes and extracts the valuable metals from the PCs, monitors etc. The refurbs are donated to deserving people/organisations. I have "deposited" around 5 old PCs and two printers to the "Computer Bank", and a couple more ready to go. We also do this with our old computers and mobile phones. The computers get refurbished and given to disable or disadvantaged people. Our phones are also distributed to the
  2. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads That sounds almost totally unbelievable. Sure it's not just blocked off or something? BLOCKED OFF????? we tried to book 14 nights but they couldn't accomodate us?? Maybe it had something to do with the Japarty we went to this year where Mr Snowhunter got stuck into the Sake
  3. Well I hope this is an indication that Japan is still going to be busy next year. We just tried to book our regular accomodation in Furano and it is already booked out!!! Yes we are now trying some of the others recommended by SnowJapan. I will let you know how we go.
  4. Originally Posted By: BillTheBinMan Apparently the Environment Ministry has estimated that there is 25 million tons of debris in the main prefectures in Tohoku affected by the tsunami. That's just mindblowing. As my dad has said way too many times, where will all that go? Funny the first thing Mr Snowhunter said was "Where will all that go"?? The really sad thing is in that 25 million tons are so many personal belongings, history and peoples whole lives.
  5. I had the funniest thing similar happen at work. A customer came in the other day and had 2 boys 1 7yr and 1 5yr and obviously herself. During the course of conversation both her and the 7 yr old had a very broad australia accent (Nothing unusual yet!!!). Then the 5 yr old came up and started talking to me and he had this real cockney english accent. Stunned I kept talking to him and had quite the conversation with him and not once did he drop an australian accent. A little confused I looked at his mum, who explained that they have had him to speech therapist, councilors, doctors and the
  6. Glad they have finally got him. Does this mean we can now bring our troops home from Afghanistan????
  7. I thought the whole wedding was TOTALLY GORGEOUS. A total fairytale. AND THAT'S why I watched it purely for the whole fairy tale story!!! Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps Ohhh wasn't it lovely. I think Harry has his eye on Pippa. I agree I think Chelsea should watch out for Harry with Pippa!!! Isn't Pippa going to be Kate's Lady in waiting??
  8. Originally Posted By: rach congrats in order. On the subject of the Royal Wedding, I'm no fan of the monarchy but still kind of looking forward to seeing it. It's one thing UK does well, this kind of thing. Pity it sounds like it will rain after the weeks of summer like weather this month. Same I am not much into the monarchy but I am having a heap of girlfriends round and we are going to sit eating canapes and drinking champers watching the wedding. I am so excited.
  9. Little disappointed with this weeks vote off. There were 2 others I definately thought should have gone before this contestant went.
  10. AWESOME PHOTO'S GN thanks I am putting Nara and Himeji on my list of must visits next year.
  11. Originally Posted By: nagpants Kawaii - This is my favourite!!
  12. From what I have read about Chernobyl. The containment walls were compromised and the radiation leaked out in massive doses killing thousands of people and leaving the land totally unusable. With Fukushima the containment walls are still unintacted and there is only minimal radiation leakage.
  13. Originally Posted By: snowhuntress Well we have done Japan 6 years running. Mr Snowhunter is looking at Heli Skiing NZ this year because of the good NZ dollar and then Canada is looking mighty appealing for next season. It is not because of the unfolding drama's in Japan that we are not coming to Japan but because of the good dollar everywhere! Well Mr Snowhunter is getting his trip all ready. GUESS WHAT I am coming back to Japan and I can't wait. I will go stay with my friends in Oita then go up to Hokkaido for 3 weeks.
  14. Tell them to put a glass of Bi Carb of Soda in there and change it each week. It absorbs any odours. Also over here you can get Vanilla Fridge wipe and it makes the fridge smell YUMMY Maybe a few drops of vanilla essence will when cleaning will do the same thing.
  15. Originally Posted By: rider69 Then a walk with the kids. we turned back early because of the bear tracks. So very very cute - are they triplets or just very close in age. Look at those gorgeous smiling faces without a care in the world
  16. Oh did I mention **************** got voted off last night I think JLo and Steve Tyler have been great. I think this is the hardest year to predict who will win.
  17. My heart totally sank on reading the last few threads. I only just clicked that I haven't read any of his quippy remarks on the forums recently but I had had a little break once I got back from Japan. I so hope Thursday is okay. There are so many highs and lows at the moment. Trying to contact all my friends in Japan after the quake. Then getting hold of them to find some of them couldn't find family members. Then the joy to hear that they had found their family and everyone was okay. They had lost everything but they were okay. Hoping to hear from you Thursday.
  18. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads I like Pia, coz she's cute. And I kind of like little miss asia, but feel a bit guilty as she is so young. Who do we reckon will win? You down to 9 then snowhuntress? We are still on 12. Down to 8 now. My favourite is Scott McCreery and James Durbin. Sorta like the 2 totally out there guys to.
  19. American Idol. It is a TOUGH year. The remaining 9 are all so awesome.
  20. Well we have done Japan 6 years running. Mr Snowhunter is looking at Heli Skiing NZ this year because of the good NZ dollar and then Canada is looking mighty appealing for next season. It is not because of the unfolding drama's in Japan that we are not coming to Japan but because of the good dollar everywhere!
  21. I would like to know the truth from locals in Japan. We are reading these reports over here and now I am starting to get really worried for my friends in Japan. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8231882/fukushima-much-bigger-than-chernobyl
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