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  1. Here is one for you - last saturday my nephew slept in until 1.30pm - turned up at my place at 3pm for dinner was feed then promptly fell asleep and woke up the next day at 11am
  2. Another 2 weeks my spring cottage garden is going to be SPECTACULAR If I can keep the Cockatoo's, wallabies, hares and now deer out of it :angry: !!
  3. I am very jealous GN. I have a kubota tractor but it is a baby one mr snowhuntress thought it would be safer for me!!!!!!! Did you get it in Australia?
  4. I found Tomamu a little disappointing (we also went on a none powder day which proably didn't help). Very spread out and hard to get to some of the lifts from some area's. I also think to Tomamu is a lot more isolated than Rusutsu. At least if the skiing isn't great at Rusutsu you can get a bus to Niseko and spend a day there! Then if you are in Niseko you can also get the bus into Kutchan and have a look around (not a lot there but still something else to do). Nearest to Tomamu is Furano. Personally with kids I would think Rusutsu is the better option.
  5. I am waiting for the jellyfish, kamemushi, Mrs Hashimoto's bunions and of course snow dude's awesome winter weather predictions. My predictions It will snow in Hokkaido this winter!!
  6. So Sad - I liked him in Good Morning Vietnam and One Hour Photo - Loved him in Jumanji, RV. 2014 Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb 2013 Lee Daniels' The Butler 2013 The Big Wedding 2011 Happy Feet Two 2009 Old Dogs 2009 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian 2009/I World's Greatest Dad 2009 Shrink 2007 License to Wed 2006 Night at the Museum 2006 Happy Feet 2006 Man of the Year 2006 Everyone's Hero 2006 RV 2006 The Night Listener 2005 The Big White 2005 Robots 2004 Noel 2004 House of D 2004 The Final Cut 2002 Inso
  7. Abandoned Down Syndrome Baby. These people should be ASHAMED of themselves. I hope they don't sleep at night for what they have done and I hope I never ever come face to face with them as I well may forget that I am a Lady!
  8. Wow it is like the beginning of Summer here today balmy 27o!!
  9. On Animals I AM AOK!! I worked as a vet nurse and wildlife officer for years dealing with every sort of emergency or illness. BUT PEOPLE not so good. In an emergency I can do what has to be done but then get faint afterwards. OH and Oh My God if a kid wiggles it's tooth I will almost immediately pass out. As for myself if I injury myself I RUN AND HIDE!!!! I smashed my foot 18 months ago and ran (hobbled) and hide. My husband followed the blood trail to find me. Severed a vein and totally smashed the foot but assured him I didn't need to go to the hospital I would be fine, I will jus
  10. Chriselle He is so beautiful what a handsome little man. Hang in there. Friends had back surgery on their little French Bulldog and it cost them $7000. The dog had lost all movement in its back legs, then after 2 months a sling was still being used to help the dog get around and slowly build it's strength back up. It was such a long long road to recovery but the little tacker is doing FANTASTIC now 1 year on and it is like it never happened.
  11. Small dilemma today. I sewed heaps of seeds a few weeks ago and now they are all coming up, the problem is I can't tell the weeds from the seedlings????? Got any solutions Go Native
  12. I have a SPECTACULAR cottage garden and it's HUGE. I love this time of year waiting waiting waiting for all the bulbs to start flowering. When I dug all the gardens in I put 2 layers of flatten cardboard boxes down and then the soil. It help stop the weeds and will eventually break down. I heard a great saying "Having a Garden is Believing in Tomorrow" !
  13. Welcome Windy. You might want to check out the Japan Jetstar Sale to Hakuba Sorry I'm not much help I am a Hokkaido junkie
  14. Just watched "The Book Thief". Really Enjoyed it but cried for about 3 hours after it
  15. Super - Niseko Hirafu - My gnarliest. This run had been my nightmare everytime I rode the Ace Quad up. Well after a hot wine at lunch to warm myself up I decided to conquer Super - Word of warning if you a skier that has never been off a groomed run NEVER EVER drink Hot wine at lunch time!!!
  16. That is SO SO Disgusting! ew ew ew! Funny how the young people don't think they are ever going to get old. How is this going to look once he has no teeth and is sipping soup and it is all coming out through is FLESH TUNNEL!! Seriously you look like a Friggin Freak!!
  17. Would a car be required for week 2? We always hire a car. Maybe you could hire the car in NIseko at the end of the week for your 2nd week option.
  18. We always do Furano & Niseko. Furano Base to Asahidake - Kamui - Tomamu - Sahoro If you get a bad weather day in Furano you have got Asahikawa for Shopping and Asahikawa Zoo. We consider the day of travelling between resorts a great sightseeing day.
  19. http://www.news.com.au/world/mum-caught-on-video-kicking-daughter-in-the-head/story-fndir2ev-1226960162094#ooid=8yaDJkbjojkYo20DoniPMVC4b88XLBZi WTF!!
  20. The stressing about Japans Snowfall has started very early this year . Usually it is not until the first sprinkles of snow on Fuji & Youtei and movement of beetles & Bugs in Hokkaido. For my 2 cents JAPAN SKI SEASON will be awesome as usual El Nino or NO El Nino.
  21. As far as it being a ski/boarding movie it's pretty crap actually. I usually like more stylised movies but all those quick cuts, inverted shots and cg make it seem like watching a trailer for a movie, rather than an actual feature length film. I could barely watch it from beginning to end without getting dizzy Watched this last weekend. Not enough skiing in it. When there was skiing it was great but I totally agree with Black Mountain, 4 of us watching it and we all were feeling dizzy all the way through!!
  22. It is right next door to this building 〒066-0012 Hokkaidō, Chitose-shi, Honchō, 1 Chome−7−1 スカイコート千歳 It is a fun quirky little shop. We bought a stack of stuff there last time.
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