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  1. It is only a lil one, I know. But I might have a go anyways, just to see how clean I can fix it up. From that pic u can't really tell but the peeling section is longer. I will lift soon.
  2. I learnt quite a harsh lesson when I was young. My family was at the beach on an overcast but hot day, and I was only in shorts, mucking about in the rockpools with my cousins. The next day I was in the most excruciating pain I have ever known, my whole back, shoulders and backs of my legs were really, really badly sunburnt. I didn't put on more suncream after taking my shirt off, against mums wishes. Dang. The whole lot ended up peeling away like a sheet. After the blistering of course!
  3. Most girls in Japan hate getting dark skin, its a complete opposite of the silliness of a lot of western women, opposite as in its just as silly but at the complete other side of the silliness spectrum. Its almost a mania. They even use whitening cream to lighten their complexion. Elderly ladies who work outside a lot will cover up to the point of being confused with a colourblind, elderly ninja. Being from Australia, I know the importance of keeping out of the sun when you can, but there will always be some who will take it too far! Of course there are the Gyaru type girls who
  4. Thanks for the responses folks. I'll give the epoxy a shot and see how it goes! Oh yeah, what is epoxy in japanese? Never had to ask before!
  5. heres a pic. sorry about the quality. w/ guitar pick for size ref. the yellow stuff is the epoxy i guess and the whitish stuff underneath I'm assuming to be the wood. see how the corner is lifting? If I dont fix it before then, Kuma, I will go there, cheers.
  6. For the Nagano - Hakuba bus, do you have to buy a ticket somewhere first, or can u pay when u get off the bus?
  7. Yes, Triple J was great. I remember getting yelled at when I was working in Aus cos I would turn the radio over from crappy adelaide commercial stuff to triple J. Philistines!
  8. Thanks for the headsup samurai! I'm not sure but my friends may have been up there before.. They are Nagano locals that like to travel round when they can. I'll look forward to their report when they come back! I'll try to get them to take some pics of throngs of people that are sure to be there!
  9. Albums are good, but shuffle is great! I love it when it dredges up stuff I haven't heard for ages and forgotten about. Do you get those kinda freaky instances when u get two tracks from the same album one after the other on shuffle? Commercial radio bites.
  10. A couple of months ago a group of friends and I decided we would head to Zao in January for the long weekend, but due to a minor knee twister caused by an embarrassing stack over New Year's I decided to pull out to let myself recover. Really annoyed with myself for crashing, I've been fretting that I'll be missing out on something spectacular. Now, cos I'm not really a big-mountain pow rider (yet) and would primarily be sticking to the gelendes, what I want to know is, should I be slapping myself hard for missing out? Given that its a long weekend it will probably be packed anyways
  11. Thanks, KIH. I'll get a pic up sometime. But at second glance, it doesn't look too bad, it even seems smaller than before! I might patch it anyway though, just in case. I don't have any epoxy on me atm, but I do have some silicone, wonder how that'll do?
  12. After a semi-massive day at Washigatake, I came away with a gouge in the top-sheet of my board. Normally I wouldn't worry about these as they are usually par for the course, but this one is bigger than I like. I have a section about 2 cm long and 5mm wide where the topsheet and the fiberglass layer underneath has been gouged out. Is this cause for worry? Will it crack or soak up water or anything? Can I patch it with some epoxy? Cheers
  13. Triffic shots BP! I love this country! On the 5th pic down it looked like there was a kind of pseudo depth of field effect on that hill in the foreground because the trees and their shadows kind of blur together a bit. Love the colours!
  14. Originally Posted By: Sarge1 Originally Posted By: soubriquet Originally Posted By: Sarge1 That was an attempt for a joke. You can try here in the dictionary under "sense of humour...." I know what it was, but not the least bit funny IMO What kind of response would you have given if he was knocking Fords then?
  15. Just wanted to update on my ripped pants debacle. Went into Burton Osaka today, and they were really awesome. They let me pick out some different gear and gave it to me for the price of the jumpsuit that I returned. I ended up getting the Ronin 2L jacket and pants for the same price as the CW jumpsuit. Saved 2 man! Bonus!
  16. So slogans are out? Just a logo is better? How many designs are we allowed to submit?
  17. ping depends on a lot of factors. one is distance from your pc to your ISP. like thursday said, the further away the longer the message takes to get there. another factor, if you were downloading anything (even looking at a graphics laden website) the ping would be higher. MJ, 66ms isnt too shabby, so don't worry about it.
  18. i think theres a special level of otaku for foreigners. I've been called Otaku by most Japanese friends and every Japanese girlfriend I had. But it was more of an affectionate term than a "kimoi" term.
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