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  1. East coast U.S. slopes typically suck, but conditions were suprisingly good this past Sat. A perfect blue bird day and great coverage all over the mountain. Loon kinda reminds me of Kagura, but probably a bit smaller. Haven't boarded in a while, so it was good to jump on the board and get the legs working. 3 years of limited time on the mountain has destroyed my steeze - but i'm determined to get it back once my daugter is old enough to take up top!
  2. == PRELIMINARY EARTHQUAKE REPORT == ***This event supersedes event AT00340063. Region: EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN Geographic coordinates: 39.106N, 140.608E Magnitude: 6.9 Mw Depth: 10 km Universal Time (UTC): 13 Jun 2008 23:43:46 Time near the Epicenter: 14 Jun 2008 08:43:46 Local standard time in your area: 14 Jun 2008 08:43:46 Location with respect to nearby cities: 82 km (51 miles) SW (214 degrees) of Morioka, Honshu, Japan 83 km (52 miles) SSE (14
  3. CB, I'm only here until Friday. It's good to be back in Kansai...I know I've landed in Kanku when they pat me down at customs. At Narita, you could be smoking a spliff in front of the customs officer and they'll just wave you thru. Slowly getting over this illness, resting most of the day and nabe dinners are helping.
  4. This guy ate quite a bit of snow... http://epic.weather.com/videoPlayer.html?clip=5271
  5. The flu this year is particularly strong. In the US all 50 states have been hit hard and the vaccine this year didn't match the strain. I got this thing on Thursday and by Saturday, it kicked my ass. Montazuma paid me a visit, my nose is stuffed up, sore throat, body aches...I feel like complete sh*t. To make things worse, I had to get on a plane from Boston to Osaka yesterday - air travel in this condition is the most miserable. Anyway, that's my whining - anyone else sick?
  6. I've been sitting on the fence as well. A Standard DVD still looks pretty damn good on my 50" plasma, I see no need to upgrade.
  7. Burton had a site that allowed you to do custom topsheet and bottom lettering, but no customization on shape. It was only available on the CustomX series and was bloody expensive.
  8. Kua'aina is the best in the WORLD - not just Japan. But the burgers in Japan aresn't as good as the ones at the original stand in Hawaii. In Hawaii, they us Maui onions on the burgers and onion rings. Maui onions are so sweet, you can eat them like an apple (Chairman Kaga style).
  9. I saw this on the TV schedule and Tivo'd it. I was surprised to find out it was a Japanese dude and he did it back in the 70s. It was shot on film so it looked beautiful in HD. Was wondering if others have seen it. It's not ski porn, but it is certainly an interesting doco. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Skied_Down_Everest SJA
  10. Originally Posted By: Kumapix Originally Posted By: Kingofmyrrh Dude I am saving up for a new one, I am going to blow you out of the water! Anyway, doesn't mean sweet FA without pics! here is the monstrosity: but hey, it's goretex and it was 69% off That jacket looks like a peacock exploded in front of it
  11. I'm all for abolishing income tax. Especially the type that you have to pay when you are living abroad and not using any of the country's services!!!!
  12. go to one of the major hotels and have them hold your stuff at the bell desk.
  13. The best choices are obvious... Sun is Shining by Bob Marley Bloody Sunday- Stiff Little Fingers but then again - depends on how you plan to edit. What I usually do before starting to edit a section is to think about the mood that i'm trying to create and then find the music to match. Then the edits and music can flow together to tell a story. But then again, don't listen to me - although I have 2 Emmy's...there are many more talented editors than me in the world...but that's my 2 cents.
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