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  1. I suppose it depends on how much stuff you have. I couldn't be a far walk. What's the name of your accom?
  2. Yeah. I've seen them get it wrong before. My first day on the hill is Friday so i'm hoping its rigth. Friday is meant to see 15 - 20cms. Please, please let it come true.
  3. Well if there is no queues then there is nothing to worry about. I'm just glad to hear i wont be waiting in Niseko as long as i waited in Aus last season.
  4. Hey johan Heading to Niseko on Thursday for two weeks. It's my first time too so cant be much help on where's good and where's crap. But if you want a group to ride wit there will be four of us. I spent a season in Banff in 03/04. I thought it was the worst on record. I know all the locals said it was a dud season.
  5. In all my time on the hill i have always put a little clean snow in my mouth to wet it if i really needed to. Now i have a Camelback so i should be fine, but i have always wondered: What is the truth behind everyone always saying 'dont eat snow, it will just make you thirstier'???? Is it possible that there is something different wit hthe moisture cause it is frozen and therefore it just dehydrates you. Or is it some silly old myth. Anyone know the thruths. Look out for the yellow stuff!!!
  6. Personally i hate waiting in lines, anywhere. But most of my boarding experience i haven't had much in the way of cue's. In Canada i would be surprised if i waited more then 5/10 minutes. In Australia this year i had to wait a little longer (and i wasn't happy). Next week I'm in Niseko for the first time and I'm hoping the cue's aren't all that big. What should i expect? on the weekends compared to weekdays? SO, new thread. What time's are you used to around the world? What are your worst experiences? What are your best experiences?
  7. Manuals are definitely a better drive. I drive an Auto for work, have to do a lot of driving, and it certainly is easier. I find i override the gears all the time. Mainly to keep the thing from speeding down a hill when i don't want it too. Thats half the reason i hate auto's. Anyway, keeping it in a lower gear wouldn't be my first choice if i had to pay the petrol bill. Manual's all the way, much more enjoyable.
  8. Man that looks good. Glad you are getting some good stuff. Hope it is as good in a week. Enjoy tomoro boys!
  9. Many of the comunities i visited were near Kunanurra. When were you in the area Tubby Beaver? My partner was in Halls Creek about 10 years ago. Just after some big riots there i think. She said it was terriable, she lived in the hospital (where she was working) and couldn't leave it at night. I will let you guys know when the Doco is on air. It's about to go through edit so should be in a few months. (sorry, Australian vewiers only) Hoipefully will interest a lot of people, espicially as it is a very popular topic at the moment.
  10. We're probably going to catch public transport so might have to make a choice on one resort. Maybe our friends from Tokyo will want to go, so if we have a car i will look into everything you wrote. Thanks Samui
  11. Originally Posted By: Mantas Originally Posted By: tripitaka Originally Posted By: OkemoLoon The Aussie government should give them some land so they can open casinos. It worked for the American Indian Even better, give them a share of the mining industry. Of course it would never happen. I does happen, a lot, mining royalties are huge in some parts of NT and QLD. I spent two weeks at a Diamond mine in the Kinberley's last year shooting a Doco on the effect's it haas had on the local Aboriginal communities. And it has had a lot. When they first made an agreement 20
  12. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Seriously? As much as 90% Western? Thats nuts. Maybe this?
  13. click on the "Quote" box at the bottom of the post Thanks mate, hopefully this will work then, obviously i didn't do it right last time.
  14. How are you ment to do those 'originally posted by' boxes. So Indo, was there much snow falling today?
  15. We are hopefully getting a group to hire the cat for a day and go get some uncrowded freshies maybe saturday . Still need a few crew to pull it off so if any of you guys that are up here are interested PM me thru here. Mate, i'd be real keen but i wont be there till next thursday. let me know iff you postpone it for a week or two.
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