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  1. Yeah, were in the same boat and I agree about the report writers seeming to be spoilt. I get the impression that if they dont have waste deep powder 8 hours a day, they get a little depressed. Went to Canada last year and got the best snow on record or so we were told. With any luck, you'll be right and the spectacular stuff will be waiting for me on Tuesday.
  2. I'll be arriving in Niseko in four days and the snow conditions sound pretty poor for mid February? Is this right or am I over reading the reports?
  3. Thank you very much. That was exactly what I wanted and much better than any of the versions of that same map I was able to download from any website I found. Thanks again
  4. Call me fussy but when I go to a new resort for the first time, I like to study the trail map for a good week before I get there so I don't waste time trying to find my way around the mountain. It doesn't always work but it certainly saves time for the most part. Anyway, in ten days I'll be skiing in Niseko but I cant download a legible trail map. Does anybody have a decent resolution trail map they could email to me. It would be worth a beer or two to you if I ever catch up with you.
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