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  1. MA from September in 2007 or 08? Personally, I won't settle for anything less than a yearly salary equivalent to the cost of my education. If you haven't finished yet, perhaps they will be willing to pay some of your tuition? A big request here in Japan, but standard practice back in the states. I don't know how anyone could afford to live with a Master's on 4man.
  2. When he gets older, and really knows what he wants for a custom, turn him on to Wagner. They customize everything; flex, shape, length, you name it. They also use only top-quality materials. A new pair of skis would run about 1600 bucks US. (about 600 more than a top-of-the-line factory built. Quite reasonable, imo.) The make boards too. What website did he find?
  3. I didn't have to shovel once last winter. I have only had to shovel a few days this winter, and just light falls at that. There is still snow at upper elevations, however. All winters are different. Minnesota finally has a snowy and brutally cold winter like decades ago. Prior this winter, that last 7-9 years or so were incredibly mild, raising deer populations and destroying the snow-mobile market in that state. They went years without so much as a flake.
  4. I'll be linking those gay double chairs that nobody rides because the courses are so short... ducking into sluffable trees, deep into the mysteries of zao. Nobody will know I'm there, and I won't cross a track. I'll score 12-16 virgin lines around 700-1000 vert (not huge, but defintely worthy). Then, I'll ski down to the base and wonder where all the people came from.
  5. Originally Posted By: Mantas Sounds like there's something really wrong with your shoulders Samuri. Some of my mates, and my brother, have had the same problem. They all had ops to fix the problem, and they are surfing and paddling fine now. Did you like Iqueque? I thought it was pretty cool place. A smoking right hander too, El Colegio. There is a lot wrong with my shoulders. I know more about shoulder dislocations than ANYONE. Iquique rocked. My bed on the 4th floor was 100 meters from water. It never rains there, so my patio-door never closed, my curtains flapped for 6 months. M
  6. This thread is worthless without pics. *edited to kill hypocrisy.
  7. that makes sense mamabear. I also read somewhere that babies learn to sign quite early. It was recommended by moms to develop communications skills. Thanks for reminding me.
  8. You're supposed to use mommy... seriuosly. I'm quite sure every mom's dream is to have her baby's first word be "mommy". You're supposed to model that stuff and hook up your wife with that first word. By the way, congratulations!
  9. TGR is contageous. The virus is spreading. I know it's hard to switch from forum to forum and leave my attitude at the door when I go from the rough-cut to this place. And I've been called out in the past of being a prick. What's funny at TGR is usually quite insulting here. And- rightfully so, this place isn't filled with 16 y.o.'s.
  10. my wife and I are complete dorks, we use all the "cute" stuff. But, sweetheart isn't common at all.
  11. I dig Dave. I got married in Hawaii two summers ago. Both families from Japan and America went. We're trying to make it an annual meeting place. It didn't happen this year, so next year we need to try harder. The concert sounds like a good excuse.
  12. need excuses to go to hawaii? I say go. I may have to rally up my family to do teh same.
  13. Originally Posted By: Mamabear Just an outsiders perspective.. ... which is pretty spot on.
  14. off topic alert** They target fresh grads because A) they're graduates, they're eager to travel, C)they can travel, without family ties. The Jet Programme sends out a survey to all of their recruits asking why they are interested in coming to Japan. Not 30% of those hired choose "teaching" as their primary objective. International work experience, cultural diversity, travel, etc are all selected as reasons for coming before admitting they would like to teach. The Jet Programme is well aware of the motives of those they hire, and they're fine with it. I highly doubt the Japane
  15. that first shot is dumpling-icious. Cheers for that, your cubs are lucky.
  16. "That's it, That's All" is nucking futs. While I do consider this competition to be an evolution of the sport, natural-terrain freestyle comps are more than a decade old. The World Heli Challenge in NZ back in the 90's was groundbreaking with 3 days of heli-accessed competition. 1 day was Extreme (Big mountain riding), 1 day was Freestyle (chucking tricks off natural features, inverted rotations were standard) and 1 day was a Chinese Downhill. (no- that's not racist, it's a race where everybody goes at once... making boarder-cross seem quite childish.) Rip Curl used to fund it and
  17. It didn't come from anywhere, they just never outgrew it. We teachers can't complain about it. Our job as foreigners is to come over as foreigners and expose foreign language to them. It gets pretty ridiculous when we actually complain about our job duties. I don't know of many (any? ) other nations that have something equivalent to the JET programme in an attempt to expose themselves to outside influences.
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