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  1. Hi all so has anyone been with these guys before? Heard of them? Know of them? All info will be greatly recieved! Thanks in advance.
  2. In my opinion makeup is a big no no i just dont get or it like! all previous girls i been out with have never worn the stuff and my current gilfriend refuses to wear it! I once witnessed a lady half way down a piste who stopped pulled out a compact mirror and began to apply lipstick????? On that point kissing a women with lipstick on is grosse!
  3. IF it's Terrain you want plucky and the good white stuff check out The Arlberg extreme west Austria,
  4. Hi plucky Meet a Brit who hates Brits with only a few exceptions! P.S been living away from the island for a longtime and now live in Austria!
  5. That just about sums up the current state of the uk at the moment! All future immigrants bear this kind of scene in mind compared to what you heared back home about the land of Plenty!!!!
  6. I can make out about at least 30 people on that patch they must be addicts/dedicated!!!
  7. It's all about the fun rather than the race when it comes to the Longboard classic! Only ever seen 1 "210" tanker the thing is huuuuuge!!! maybe it's just for the real tall guys but according to international bias japanese peeps aint that tall are they? (Top 30! could of done better but busted a toe strap on the first 100m AAAAAHH)
  8. The event here in Austria is one of highlights of my season great atmosphere and up to 450 riders!!!(Dani Kiwi Maier rocks!!)I was in the top 30 a few seasons back!Hope to take part in the Local version when i visit 07/08 season! Is the Rad-Air tanker 210 available in Japan also?
  9. Some intresting reading & views on the tattoo subject here?! Are there onsen where only Yakuba go where non Yakuba with tattoos would feel safe? I am a westerner with a few tattoos who would like to try out the onsen expierience but would like to also be good mannered!
  10. Ride a Rad-air myself (project-LSD-165) these guys make some good stuff! anybody ever heard of the Rad-Air longboard classic? I enter the race every year in Stuben am Alrberg I heard they had a Japanese race also!
  11. 3 Boards in use at the moment! 1. Burton fish for the powder. 2. Rad Air Project Lsd general all round riding. 3. Forum J.P Walker for jibbing and late season. Looking out for a 4th board to add to the quiver, hopefully a split for more touring.
  12. Damm Scalleys beaten twice in one week (gutted Reading fan!!!)
  13. Beckham for sale at 7.5mil in the mid season transfers so where is he going????
  14. also have a look at where the board was manafactured! Austrian production is usually the best indicator of a good board!
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