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  1. Tommy Smith. Now there's a name I haven't heard for a while. Look at the line up for Sky this weekend: http://soccer.skyperfectv.co.jp/Premier/index.html 4/14 (金) 27:40 マンチェスターUvsサンダーランド 181 4/15 (土) 20:40 ボルトンvsチェルシー 183 4/15 (土) 22:55 アーセナルvsウェストブロムウィッチ 185 4/16 (日) 19:55 アストンビラvsバーミンガム 182 4/16 (日) 22:25 ブラックバーンvsリバプール 306 4/17 (月) 20:40 トッテナムvsマンチェスターU 183 4/17 (月) 22:55 チェルシーvsエバートン 184 4/17 (月) 22:55 サンダーランドvsニューカッスル 307 4/17 (月) 27:55 ウェストブロムウィッチvsボルトン 182 9 live games
  2. I hope both United and Chelsea lose all their remaining matches. And we get 2nd. That's the main wish. Of course!
  3. "Keepsakes", All About Eve. It's a best of type 2cd compilation and (surprisingly to me) really good. She has got a fantastic voice.
  4. I haven't heard more recent stuff of The Mish. The Mish were the best gig I've ever been to though. The Hillsborough benefit concert they did in Liverpool after Hillsborough (Hussey is a lifelong Liverpool fan). Very moving it was, rocking gig (...a few too mad Eskimos though!) Talking of (the brighter side of) goth, my sister has sent me a best of album of All About Eve - never really got into them but this is surprisingly good.
  5. Some places seem to be opening just weekends for a few weeks. With the amount of people who would go and pay, it might not make sense for many places to continue being open.
  6. United have not been consistent for a long time - I don't think they are going to win the final 6 or so games. We shall see. Looking forward to see how Arsenal play tonight.
  7. Had some mad nights myself at the Hacienda. Top, "special", place. Actually both Hooky and Rob Gretton bought the name after it shut its doors. Gretton is no longer with us, so I think it's just Hooky that owns it now. Tony Wilsons son has recently licensed the name for a "Hacienda night" he was doing. On each of the 3 cds there's some kind of "intro" (they're calling it) from Gretton. Tony Wilson, and Mike Pickering/Marting Hannett. (Not heard it). Hooky said he was looking at all the Cream compilations and "they're always shit", so thought he'd do a Hacienda one.
  8. They are also so I heard in an interview on Fox considering doing a 24 based in Japan.
  9. Since my last post, we don't seem to be able to stop scoring. That's more like it. The big race is 2nd and 3rd, not 1st and 2nd. I can't see United beating all their matches and Cheslea losing more than 7.
  10. A friend sent me some BOTTOM dvds (first and second series). I hadn't actually seen much of Bottom when it was on tv, but remember a few bits. Some really funny bits, really took me back to my student days.
  11. I don't argue much, never have really. Not into the confrontation thing. The only place I've seen the heads nearly butting when arguing is on the footie pitch, but it's actually more like bulls locking horns. Quite funny when they do that.
  12. I bet the smell was great, Indosnm. I prefer the smell of fresh coffee to the tast of it.
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