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  1. Quote: Originally posted by scouser: Quote: I've found some people have roughly 1C higher body temperture than Japanese From studies of your guests gamera? I've heard that too. I think I read it somewhere.
  2. Stillll not sure. Pretty broke. Still trying to figure it out.
  3. 8 so far. Always gotta work, nothing to do with the conditions really.
  4. Ah, you missed out. Ishiuchi was sick on Fri. seemed they had gotten a bit over a foot overnight. Poached pow lines all day till the lifts closed at Ishiuchi/Gala. Shit was waist deep in the trees at Gala, and so damn light. Best snow I've had yet this season, and at Gala/uchi of all places!!!
  5. Hmmm Did the Dr. happen to have a hand full of nutsack? If so, it seems like a physical. The doc. grabs your boys, tells ya to cough, and if the boys start jumping around your good to go.
  6. Jibs, have you tried at the National Supermarket in Hiroo? They have quite a few cheeses there, but I don"'t know shit about cheese so...
  7. Wow, that's pricey!!! Let me know if ya need riders with gas/toll money.
  8. Quote: Originally posted by Cheeseman: I don't like it when people call something "cheesy" in a derogatory way. It ain't easy bein cheesy!!!
  9. Ah, but actually I don't have a car or a license, let me rephrase that. Anybody comming from Kanto area, with an open seat in the car? I goottttsssss gas money!!
  10. I'm pretty sure I can come. Anyone wanna carpool from Tokyo?
  11. Quote: Originally posted by eskimobasecamp: AK might have a mars bar or 2 in one of his many pockets. You really are a FAT ski dude.... worried about mars bars and hot chocolate?! LOL That's priceless. Airfare to Japan $800 Return bus to Haks $80 Waist deep pow at Happo for a week $500 A mars bar dipped in coco priceless.
  12. NYC Diesel is the dankest weed in the world. It has enough THC to knock 10 Australians out cold. It's 10 times more potant than any Aussie nugs. 80 times more than SE Asian schwagg.
  13. While I was in the states this summer they were handing out buy one get one free coupons on dozens. I like the donuts, but I too can usually only eat one, maybe two.
  14. Ah,duh, should have figured. In Japan I always think in "roughly" in USD just by adding a decimal point. Seems a bit more difficult converting HKD. I guess the point would just go one space over leaving off the last number for a rough estimate.
  15. Uh, $88 a dozen? Are you sure that's not a dozen dozens? Did you mean to type $18?
  16. It seems that the 6 people that were missing at Shiga were found. One of them called the parents, who contacted the patrol, who contacted the missing people. The patrol told them to dig a cave and huddle up. They were found at around 2a.m. Can't find an update on the missing person from 47.
  17. Another person missing at 47 http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20070107-00000414-yom-soci
  18. Oh man that's lame, isn't there a cat track up the mountain? Guess it was a good idea to cancel the plans eh SJA? They're bitches about changing your Shinkansen tickets too. I bet they told those people they have to buy another ticket. They should give them a room for the night and first tracks in the morning for that. Did they mention anything about what the resort is doing for them?
  19. Oh shit!!! Hoping for the best for them, but def. don't seem good. Anyone have any links to this?
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