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  1. My god was there on Friday and it all seemed fine. Would hate to be in that situation though.
  2. Nope I didn't explains a lot of things thought
  3. Man am going to this - 10,000 yen is cheap for a u2 gig man. You CAN NOT afford to miss this.
  4. Quote: On Saturday he suggested Emperor Akihito should visit the Tokyo shrine because those who died in wars did so in honour of their emperor. He had said: "From the viewpoint of the spirits of the war dead, they hailed 'Banzai' ['long life'] for the emperor. None of them said, 'Long live the prime minister'. now he has backed down? hmmmm I wonder why that could be
  5. People talk about Japan having a democracy - yet the same party has been in power for how long now? and aren't Japanese people stereotypically followers? The day I see something revolutionary in Japan is the day that I will be suprised about it.
  6. Hey is anyone gonna be around these days in yuzawa or naeba for boarding and drinking actipn?
  7. I live in Shin sugita, yokohama, kanagawa-ken
  8. Quote: Originally posted by _spud: I read at Borough Markets (a fresh food market) in London that England eats 185,000 tons of sausage every year. It is a scary statistic, especially considering the poor quality of nearly all supermarket sausages (a fact common to most countries). This sounds like a far better project than the crow project. A good sausage is one of my favourite things, hence my inclination for German food and also northern Italy salami. 97, for some project variety check out the traditional Bavarian breakfast. It is a good one for your assignment as there is unique
  9. It should be ok to get your stuff over here - you're not on the extreme end of size - too big or too small. How much would it cost to ship it all over if you bought it in Australia?
  10. Woo great idea I recommend Gala-Yuzawa on a weekday - easy to get to and relatively cheap.
  11. I'd love to come mejane when are you heading up there for and for how long?
  12. wasn't too impressed with Lost Japan - seemed like a load of waffle. just finished "the time travellers wife" - its a romantic, comedy, sci fi book and the ending is AMAZING! man I cried but manly tears though *gruff* now reading - the pythongs an autobiography by the pythons; john peel - margrave of the marshes both excellent books about two of the best things this life has offered so far.
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