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  1. Got a pretty basic question here thats not worth starting a new thread, so i'll just jump on the end of this one. Do you think a gel liner is worth it as apposed to a basic liner boot? I'm quite restricted to the DC's and Vans with the boa wmns boots here in Aus. (May have picked that up from my other thread.) Unless there was something else worth considering in Japan, it might be more difficult for me. But I'll be there soon! yay! cheers!
  2. Thanks guys for all those pointers. Tsondaboy: I haven't come across Forum in Aus as yet, i don't think its popular. Probably more so in the US. If its a basic boot, it would probably sell for about the same. We're in tokyo for 10 days all up, got to see how we'll fit in shopping and all the sightseeing But If japanese is essential for getting the right gear then.. Might see what deals i can strike up here in Aus before head out, since i will be buying old season stock here anyway. Bad thing is - missing out on the 06/07 stuff and some of it is looking good!
  3. thanks for the replies guys, Maninjapan: I will be bringing all my stuff with me on the plane if i were to buy it in Australia. Snowbag wheelie will do the trick. Spud - Definately got minimum one day for shopping for my gear. The problem is i don't speak any japanese! Although i could get somebody to write some basic phrases for me. Also you're not wrong there, with the ladies being indecisive at times. haha Although that shopping list is pretty much set for what i want to buy in Aus. (except for the Board, i think i'll order from the states for the next season) M
  4. Hey all, Planning a trip to Hakuba around Mid Feb. Not quite end of season so i'm wondering whether is should buy my snowboard equipment in Aus first, or will it be worth going to japan to buy equipement. Also hoping there won't be sizing problems. Maybe some of you with experience shopping will be able help out a bit, and see how the prices compare. Heres what i'm considering atm : Boots size 6 (wms): Vans - encore ~$345 aud DC Judge ~$449 aud Bindings - Ride VXN or DVA, or Burton Lexa, Escapade Board - Ride solace 146cm ~$700 aud Goggles - Bolle or Sm
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