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  1. NZ is good, if you get it thats is. Coronet Peak is awesome endle line to take, but only if you get a good dump before hand, it's also earned the name Concrete Peak, as it is pretty low & ices up quick. My pick of the Bunch it Treble Cone for sure, if you get some good snoe the terain is awesome, A bit more reliable than Coronet. But virtually no snow making or grooming, get tracked out easily. All in all NZ is good, it adds a different aspect to riding with huge open terain enjoy...
  2. I agree with you, I just came back from there a couple of weeks ago, and I actually felt a bit disapointed in the Aussie toiurist, Although I was one myself. It was me & two friend,walking around the village at night, loudy Aussie arn't hard to find. Don't get me wrong thought It wasn't every one we met a lot of visitors that were in the same boat as us. It only takes a handful to wreck it for others. I can see why everyone is getting annoyed. I loved the snow and the place, although my japanes e is pretty bad, I tried to respect everyone around me by trying involve myself, anf leave
  3. Here's a few from my injury collection. I got Spakeled...Got Spakeled I got Pounded... I got Whipped.. Creamed...(A bit lame though) Flattened.... I just got Mega Kartwheeled ...I'm sure we have all experiencec that at one point... That will do for now..
  4. It looks like there might be a few little top ups. I hope a good coldfront comes through by next week. All fingers crossed for me anyway.
  5. Thats not the best news i wanted to hear...Still hope it should be okay though...
  6. Hey all, Heading over to Niseko Hirafu on the 27th Feb, this warm weather looks a bit worrying. Whats the snow like at the moment, still plenty of sood stuff out there, any ideas on the forecast for next week. This week looks like its another warm one. I'm just hoping to get a couple of good days in, but hey compaired to Aussie snow, I think your worst day would still be better than our best. HEHEHE Cheers...
  7. Hey to all of you out there, I know this might be a bit of a touchy subject for some. But I am coming to Niseko for 10 days in a week, and would like to experience as much good off piste riding as posible, no BC though. Not expirenced enough for that or fit enough :-) especially at place I'm not familiar with anyway. If you were willing to give me some hints and tip were to find some good runs which would make my expierence that more wholesome I would be very thankful.. Cheers all....
  8. I don't care who is there as long as everyone shows respect to those around you and have a good time, and in my case soak up as much as the culture around you, all should be good time. It only take a few though to create a bad name.. I'm over there in a couple of weeks, and from what I've heard it should be sick.... see you all on the slopes, well at hopefully only from the waist up.....
  9. Thanks for all the comment, I ended up buying a pair K2-T1's. hope they go alright. Have to wait a month now before I can get over there to try them out. Heard the snow has been a bit crazy at the moment, hope it keeps up till I get there. Cheers all
  10. Sound cool..might have to take atrip out of newy and have a look around. There arn't many good store here to cater a large variety...Especially at the moment..Thanks for the tips... Or at least wait till March for the new season stock to come in Cheers.......
  11. I agree with low pressure Lover, brands don't mean shit to me as long as they are comfy and last, its just that burton was the most comfy fit of all boots I tried, but I wanted some extra opinions on stiffness. It's a shame all of us can't live near the snow & be locals & not have to act like pro's, some have to deal with travelling good distances for a good season. Australian season are usually short & pretty crap. Thanks for all constructive advice and sugestions...too most..
  12. Hey, I'm looking at buying a new pair of boot, and was impressed with the Burton Freestyle boot, they were bloody comfortable but fairly soft. They didn't seem to have much ankle support. I mainly freeride with a bit of park riding. Waht would you recomend a stiffer boot or a sorter boot.
  13. The White Album is preety sick to, Shaun white is a liilte freak. Its worth a watch
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