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  1. ever since i moved to japan i havn't gotten much skiing done... when i live in park city utah i had like 40 days through half of the season
  2. yeah but like u know how that music is really annoying... it is really meant to help you find your way back down the mountain if you are stuck in a blizzard.
  3. things that bother me is slow lifts which take a million years and snowboarders who just ruin powder or sit down anywhere they feel like.
  4. yeah bout tokyo ski sales.... when is the sales in kanda gonna start? I NEED A NEW JACKET!
  5. Yeah I just went skiing in Happoone and I liked it because it had alot of snow but one thing I didn't like was that there were no Parks! I've been living in Japan for about 2 years and every time i've gone skiing they don't have any good parks. (I lived in Park City Utah which had one of the greatest parks which kinda makes me spoiled) Can anybody tell me a good park to go too!
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