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  1. Hey JM, Nice pics ^ although I seem to recall there are some even better ones on the way! Yeah its flat here, and the season is nothing on the last couple I have had here - but it still dumps snow like nowhere else in the world. Its currently dumping right now - only just started though. Post up some more of those pics, or Ill put some together when Im back home next week. Hope youre getting some pow somewhere.
  2. Quote: Originally posted by Toque: Quote: Originally posted by Ski Beaver: Is that Janus I see up on the ridge line about to straightline? That's Janus you see at the bottom trying to pick up girls at the 7-11 At least if he has no success he can get some pocky and a stick mag and still make an afternoon of it.
  3. Is that Janus I see up on the ridge line about to straightline?
  4. Quote: Originally posted by Bushpig: I have a couple of mates in Aus who, while not being quite that daggy, did many of the same sorts of things Although I think it is just a 15 year old mentality eh! So Bushpig, you know janus then?
  5. How was the weekend toque? You caught up with Janus right? Any pics?
  6. Quote: Originally posted by janus77: Well, Ive decided to stay in Tokyo till tomorrow arvo now, will arrive Hakuba around 7pm. snow not so good, so not really worried.. picked myself up a nice Canon ixus 700, 7.1mp camera.. diggidy. Janus I want your pics to be so good they make me cry. BTW, out on the harbour sailing tomorrow, first week back has not been a struggle at all. Kick it.
  7. Janus - dude - please get off your butt and try. Signed, Your mates in Sydney.
  8. FT and Co. Is you going to be hooking Janus up wit some bitches?
  9. Quote: Originally posted by Fattwins: I know lots of guys getting action in Hakuba actually. Janus, are you hearing this!
  10. 2 foot of fresh snow today, untracked from first to last runs. I cannot remember a turn that wasnt bottomless or that didnt shoot snow straight up into your face and right over your head and shoulders. Today will be one of those days I will never forget. Although for the most part we were filming today, we did manage a couple of digi cam shots. Enjoy! I will be back home on the beaches in 2 days - looking forward to it.
  11. Also vis is a little too good for poaching today, know what I'm sayin!
  12. What is in the kirin amino supli, been chugging that today. C-3000 it is.
  13. Only a dusting out there so I am indoors today. Im trying to kill off a cold so that when the pow train comes back in I will be up front with the driver.
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