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  1. Will do. It'll probably be January though - I'm off to Yamagata next week for a few days and then busy with finishing off some work until new year. Hopefully by then you'll have plenty of fluffies to play in
  2. Hey I hit Tenjin and Kawaba quite often as an alternative to Yuzawa which is a bit further for me - it's great to have the new reports coming from that region.
  3. I reckon that would be really good, the snow is often good back of Maiko Kogen.
  4. I usually just wear my normal ones, they are fine. Light yellow/orange they are.
  5. Excellent upgrade folks. Just been playing around with it and making my own first gallery, full of monkeys. http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/photo_section.php?userid=snowboardingsam&userGallery=72
  6. I went last week and have made a gallery: http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/photo_section.php?userid=snowboardingsam&userGallery=72 Great place.
  7. I'm going to enjoy a holiday with my parents and family and so hoping that particular part goes slow.
  8. Where did you see it Kumapix? I didn't think it was out until August here. I heard lots of good things about it and am really looking forward to it.
  9. That was unexpected. Hope things go well for you Blair. I was planning on taking a trip there this coming season.
  10. yes Nozawa isn't the most amazing looking place... it just is compared to most others here and does have more of a real village feel.
  11. Interesting. Now the weather is getting all humid I get a bit smelly quite easy. Funny thing is, even back home when it is hot and humid I don't seem to get the same thing going on. Curious.
  12. Shiga Kogen area is pretty... there's just nothing to do there. That probably has a lot to do with the fact it is a national park I suppose.
  13. Yes she is. Alas, it was not really from him. (Though I might ask)
  14. OK OK. If something was built in the 70s and had never been done up, you would expect it to not be in the best of conditions. That's the feeling I got from the Naeba prince --- that it had not been kept up to date and was not very appealing. I would expect a big chain of hotels to perhaps have a common level of service/facilities in their hotels - whether the hotel was built in 70s or 90s, the 70's one could be refurbished etc. I'm sure a lot of hotels do that.....
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