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  1. Seems quite simple to me. Although I just care what it tastes like. There are some amazing bakeries around though aren't there.
  2. How much would a beast like this cost to put together: 19インチ液晶モニタ付 DVD編集パッケージ HTテクノロジ インテル® Pentium®4 プロセッサ エクストリーム・エディション 3.73GHz 2GB(512MBx4) デュアルチャネル DDR2-SDRAMメモリ ハードディスクドライブ(RAIDなし):400GB SATA HDD DVDスーパーマルチドライブ(ダブルレイヤー対応) ATI RADEON® X850 XT PE 256MB DDR(DVI/VGA/TV-out付) Creative® Sound Blaster® Audigy 2 ZS PCIカード
  3. thanks for all. interesting. But ngarutoa, I though you said before "With that kinda money you could have a desktop that would kick ass of any Dell machine that you could buy." Surely you could give us an idea? Is the Dell-making-it-for-me costing me about 50,000 yen more, less or more than that?
  4. Does anyone here use any fancy keyboard (ie not one supplied with your computer?) eg Any good? Is it something I will never regret and wonder why I hadn't bought a good one earlier?
  5. Belive me, it's even worse if the really ketchi person is a family member....
  6. That might be a fine idea for some people, but not me. I'm not very computer literate at all, I'm rushed off my feet with really no spare time and computer problems (when they happen) make me want to kill people at random. So messing around with making one from scratch sounds like a nightmare scenario to me. I would rather pay a bit more for one to be made for me.
  7. Very weird I think. It was magnitude 7 actually (doesn't magnitude = richter?)
  8. Hey its about time I want to buy a new desktop and I was taking a look in the electric shop today and a bit overwhelmed with words I'd never heard before. Not had a new desktop for about 5 years! So. Maybe someone here can help out with ideas. If you had 300,000 yen to splash on an as-sexy-as-possible desktop, what would you go for? I took a quick look at Dells site, and they seem to offer more power for the same money than the systems on the shelves. Is that right? This Dell looks pretty good http://jpstore.dell.com/store/newstore/dhs/dhs_catalog_280.asp but not sur
  9. How far from Niseko is Tomamu? Any particular reason why you chose Tomamu? 2 questions ok?
  10. When I'm in Japan, Tokyo. When I'm not in Japan, St Albans, England.
  11. You'll have a great time, no worries. It's only people who know the place a few years ago who will notice. (And you might not think you're in Japan)
  12. Going to Yuzawa from Tokyo. Thinking Car or Train (shink). I know how much the Shink costs, but what about car. Anyone cost it? Cheers PRB
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